April 13, 2010 Subliminal Suggestion

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The Poop on Nippon Airlines' Green Marketing Initiatives

Lotus Entravision

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Jim Smith

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Nabbr: The Gen Y Online Video Network


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Bruce Rogers

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Starcom Presentation

mac video art

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Sears' Alaskan Husky Sleigh Team, Economy Model.


U-Dub "Singles" out Cdigix

Brand Conditioning in the Amazon (or pretty darn near)

User Generated City

HisTube: Ground Control To Major Tom


Who amongst us doesn't want to make the grade; to have the papers want to know whose shirts you wear? Judging by the 35,000 videos uploaded everyday on YouTube, there aren't many. The world is now demanding its 15 minutes.

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
Ground Control To Major Tom
Commencing countdown engine's on

Andy Warhol cynically coined the term that many of us culturally yearn for: attention. One might say that this urge for 15 minutes, now morphed into a new-media urgency is narcissistic. Yet who hasn't heard the sad stories of the little babies left alone in a hospital due to the lack of human touch?

Who hasn't ever been lonely? Who hasn't ever been as excited and/or as mad as heck but had nobody to tell?

Check ig-nition and may God's love be with you.


MACVIDEONY Creative Work

Hey Google, Save the Curbs

Next-Gen Mobile Carrier: Magee

Sarah Fay in wwwLand, Parts 1 thru 3.

Alan Chapell Goes Public on Privacy, Parts 1-3.

800 lb Gorilla Fandango Makes Noise at App Planet

Agency Rich Media Lovers Boogie as Palm Gets "Flash-y"

Churchill @ the Mobile UpFront

Google's Buzz Gets Stoned @ the WMC

Don't Go Into the Bathroom!