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Next-Gen Mobile Carrier: Magee

Temporary MAC VIDEO NEW YORK home


Digital video strategy, why is it necessary?

Napster's Innovating.

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The Mobile Rorschach Twitter Test

digiday:TARGET Presents: Rob Gorrie, Windsurfer, Entrepreneur, Next-Gen CEO.

Paran Johar, Mobile In Motion, Parts 1 & 2

American Idiot Drivers: "Wake Me Up, When The Cell-Deaths End"

MoxieQ Launches The First Mobile "Gay Sensibility" Destination

Follow the [Floggers] Money!

Our Valentine's Day Special, Baby!


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The Next Digital Diplomacy: Video Cam-elot!

Ten Podcasters' Cure for What Ails MadAve

Directions No Longer Included with Wireless Devices

Why Social Networks Won't Save The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit

The Impending Demise of "General Admission" Social Networks

Down Load E.T.!

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Google dot can

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Google.can See Me

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Why We All Need Mass Media

The New "Environmental Leader," Part 1

The New Environmental Leader, Part 2

Internet Penetration: The US Does Not Reflect the World

The New Federal (Media) Government

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Technorati Profile

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Technorati Lives Here!


Technorati blog directory

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XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. lowered its forecast for full-year citing "overall softness" of retail sales.
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FORBES346.jpg CEO Dr. Charles Zhang talks about becoming the top internet name in China.
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E-Poll President Gerry Philpott says successful marketing is all about picking the right spokesman.
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Internet firm develops new offerings; Motorola's Q on the horizon; Juniper Networks set for growth.
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Citizen Rupert Murdoch "Screws Up" MySpace


"Are they trying to screw us"? is a favorite and frequent question Rupert Murdoch asks his acquisition and management teams during every investment or purchase negotiation according to a New York Times Magazine interview years ago. Media carpenters just learning their trade have claimed that Murdoch recently screwed up "MySpace" because--as of late December--MySpace users noticed that any reference to YouWho (YouTube)--the Do-It-Yourself video-sharing site/competitor--was "erased or blocked from appearing on MySpace". They were right, regardless of YouTube's official "simple mis-understanding" statement.


Perhaps the mis-understanding though was on the part of YouTube's management; not understanding who they were dealing with. We will find out if YouTube becomes part of Murdoch's interactive suite, invested in at a fraction of its long-term worth. After buying MySpace in July, the answer to his favorite question regarding YouTube may have been an unequivocal "Yes". YouTube may have been screwing with him.

Google, What If The President Was A Mom?

If the President of the United States Was Female, Would Google Still Resist Complying With the Administration's Subpoena?


Google: Guts or Gall?

The search media industry has been focusing on Google's controversial decision to use the issue of privacy as rationale for not cooperating with the Bush White House subpoena. The White House has demanded this information as it defends the 1998 Child Online Protection Act, being challenged by the ACLU.

For those who have been outside of a wireless hot spot over the last few weeks, the White House is requesting a random sample of 1 million Internet addresses accessible through Google and a random sample of 1 million Google search queries for a one-week period.

What if Big Brother Was Big Sister?


Getting Google-ized Is "Good" For Madison Avenue & America



Before the formal creation of unions as we know them today, there was a "union of thought" which bound people together to take action. There was no AFL-CIO, no Teamsters, no Autoworkers, no Civil Service etc... There was just John/Jane Q Richperson (mostly John) and the indentured servants who were exploited to no end.

Thankfully, an end did come of it. The end came when like-minded people came together with a determination that's best described with a line from the classic film, (ironically called) "Network": "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore." The genesis of the union was not organized, it was psychological.

So unions were created and before the economy became global, they had a monopoly on labor. Then it changed. Unions became lazy and began having their own fair share of problems, much like the companies they were "working with." Today, a union is known more for free-loading. They have as much public respect as corporate America/Wall Street, which are known more for lining their pockets. There's no question that greedy unions and CXO's have had dramatically negative effects on corporations, sometimes legally and sometimes not. In many ways, when each looks at the other, they might as well be looking in the mirror.

Then one day along came Google!!

Blogging For Treasure On "Budget"


Commandore Norrington: "You are without a doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of."

Captain Jack Sparrow: "Ahhh, but you have heard of me."

So begins a most entertaining treasure hunt between Norrington and Sparrow, played brilliantly by Jack Davenport and Johnny Depp, as Depp does the best imitation and interpretation of a Keith Richards-like Pirate in the film "Pirates Of The Caribbean." It's a Disney film so it may not come as a complete surprise that Depp ultimately saves the girl, slays the pirates, finds the treasure and accomplishes all of this with little more than his wits.



Joining Sparrow is another pirate, Will Turner, played by Orlando Bloom. Their tale takes place in the Clipper Ship era, but today if they were to repeat their voyage for another bounty of treasure, they would click on to UpYourBudget, an impressive new blog game launched this week by Budget Rent A Car. Another key difference between these adventures is that UpYourBudget players do not know how their quest will end, nor if the treasure will be found at all.

"Pirates" treasure hunt is by sea. "Budgets" is by land. It puts you in the drivers seat with as many challenges, navigating by video and daily clues by blog and email. Jon and Gabe pick up where Jack and Will left off to take you criss-cross the country looking for hints to find the treasure.


An Open Letter (from 2002) to Mary Wells Lawrence!

Tears For Gears


By James Willoughby

Why The Tears?

We've become urbanite temperamental beasts of burden, wandering amongst a cluttered landscape of utility.

We pleasure ourselves uniting communication and artistic expression.

Our hunger for stuff makes us gear sluts, thirsting after the newest bio-functionality extensions.

How did this happen?... the endless dose of clutter and Borg-ification of modern society.

Our world of gear has consumed the best consumers we've ever known and left them withered quivering saliva piles on the floor of Best Beast. We all know that gear is important. Hell there's a magazine named after it. Gear does so many things for us in this life.

The new fall catalog is out. Oh look, a new breed of cardigan which wicks away sweat leaving you dry and comfortable while still being breathable and airy yet warm and comforting! Oh, my gosh I've never seen one of those before. These are not at all like the warm breathable sweat wicking plastic cardigans they had last year, I must have one.

Podvertising. Say That Five Times, Fast!


A Study In the Rapid Evolution and Intrusion Of 21st Century Language

By Richard Fusco

I have a friend who entered law school last year. After 6 weeks, I found her perspective on life and her verbal and written communication changed to a surprising degree. Had a specific law school-related product or service ad reached her with some message or invitation, 2 years before, she might have discounted or ignored it.

Never before has the success of an ad campaign, PR campaign or any other communications effort been so dependent on its specificity to its audience. Many years ago audience of course meant the group of people in a theater and not much more. Today, it means a much larger group.

Well, the evolving meaning of contemporary vocabulary must now make room for another wealth of new words and expressions. Just as VCR, DVD and VHS were once-obscure terms term and acronyms, add the word podvertising to your vocabulary because it is coming. In fact it is here.

I invite you to create a term yourself to define the new group of users, largely characterized by their usage of podcasting. Then, help Madison Avenue with defining a new term, or use an existing one that describes those audiences open to both podcasting AND Podvertising. For the moment I am pondering it over myself.

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