April 13, 2010 Let's Go Shopping

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Be-$witched: Converging, Diverging & Submerging


So there I was, flying down the supershop aisle (combo grocery, pharmacy, auto dealership, dentist, movie theatre, wireless store, ashram, B2B, concrete factory, NASA-outlet, steak restaurant, police department, HR-Block, post office, McDonalds, Saks Fifth Avenue and asphalt dealer) and was thinking how convenient everything is due to "convergence". I never stop to buy asphalt. When you've got a broom like mine, it's an SKU I have no "intent to buy".


I have to say, I've learned alot from my husband Darren and his former boss Larry, especially from the 21st century high-tech new media ad campaigns they produce down at The Bureau. It's nice that they have stayed friends even though they each work at the two competing firms. I do wonder though if it's having a much bigger effect on me personally and our culture. Of course, they used to call their company an agency. However, they changed the name last year; the reasons of which I will go into later. Plus, lately they've been making a big thing out of each brand's "inter-national security".


As I was saying, their work-related performance has had an effect on me which relates to my shopping habits. Having had my lifestyle experience recently analyzed based on my search usage, it indicated that I'm an early-adopter. My Psychiatrist/home furnishings rep tried to no avail to help me better understand the value-prop I get from the insights I've learned, though I'm reluctant to say if it has all be worth it.

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