April 13, 2010 Mixing It Up

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Churchill @ the Mobile UpFront

Yusuf Mehdi's Microsoft Majority Report

Advertising Week 2009 Redux

ad:tech Special: Internet Advertising & the Rebirth of the Model T.

How to do ad:tech/SF: 10 Insider Tips By Gordon Gekko

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Mike DiFranza's Captivate Elevates the Net

Is the NBA ad:tech/NY's Favorite Sport?

ad:tech/NY's Hockey Stick Media Tips

ad:tech's Moderators Strike OUT!

ad:tech's Panel-to-Panel Combat in Emerging Media

Dana Todd: Search & Newsforce Superhero!

The ad:tech/NY Open-Book Test, Part 1.

The ad:tech/NY Open-Book Test, Part 2.

The ad:tech/NY Open-Book Test, Part 3.

Our Breakfast@Tiffany's Labor Day Interview

Shea's Photo Album: A Guide for Reason in an Unreasonable Age

Advertising 2.0's Hip-Rap Hopped

Discovering Future Media Weaponry at ad:tech

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The Pinkies

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eComXpo: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Operation?

School Security on Madison Avenue?

Save the Advertisers...

OMMA or MIXX? Take the Pepsi Challenge!

YouKodak: Photography is Dead. Long Live Photography!

Pre-Adv. Week Special: Searching for Stones on a Sunny Summer Sunday Afternoon

Searching For The Big Idea

E2E: Wolfgang's Wonderment of Wireless

B2B, C2C, P2P and now E2E: Ear-2-Ear.


"Music to my ears", that's what I was always moved by. For fans of my music to hear it ringing between their ears and inside their minds, like it was burned into their M(emory) P3.


This year's CTIA 2006 Wireless Conference expects to have the same impact. They claim it is the most important technology event of the year. Anything I ever did has had the same distinction. In its honor, if I were here today, I would write a special concerto in A-Major.

Was It Live Or Was It (mental) Memorex? - What do you think?

Back then, we didn't know about A.D.D. or devices that would reduce the need to strengthen your memory like speed dial. Some people such as the emperor may have been tone-deaf though his advisors and court of wealthier subjects all prided themselves at recalling every note. So strong were their memories that from time to time they would even tell me when I used too many notes or not. We didn't have headphones in the 18th century. Just sheet music, a small or large orchestra and a reliance on one's recall, sometimes aided, sometimes not.


CTIA: High-Tech Meets High Fashion

We played mostly fashionable salons and concert halls. I was pleased that they liked it, though my real aim was to reach the common folk. They were the ones who gave me the inspiration for my music. And so it was there that I breathed in the air of the ebb and flow of the daily living in the streets of Vienna.

It's delightful to see that wireless has touched every aspect of your society. Back then, both royal subjects and commoners were truly "wireless", though that did not prevent them from hearing M-itunes inside their heads and ultimately to my amazement and delight, inside their hearts.


Are You a "Meteor All-Star"?



1. A transient fiery streak in the sky produced by a meteoroid passing through the atmosphere
2. Any person or object that moves, progresses, becomes famous, etc., with spectacular speed.
3. Any atmospheric phenomenon
4. Also called a shooting star.

Christian Anthony

All-star - adj.
1. Consisting of those chosen as the best at their positions in a league all its own
2. Made up wholly of star performers: an all-star cast
3. One chosen for a team of star players.

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Yes, U-R-a-*

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