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Is the iAd Like Apple's 1984 Ad?

The Secretary

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Social Network for Book Enthusiasts Features e-books from ebrary

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Imaginuity New Media to Debut First iPhone Advergame

Patented broadcast tool ensures timely, guaranteed delivery of messages within 30 seconds, providing high impact and maximizing exposure

Eyeconomy exhibits latest unobtrusive online ad solutions

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RSS Solutions to Drive Sales

The Mad Men Mania Poll - Episode 3

The LinkedIn, The Bad & The Ugly: A Summer Novella

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Julie & Walton, Listen to Layla & Clapton

Google News Alerts for: Mad Ave. Issue 1.0

Google's Search & Destroy, Pretty Face & Tolstoy


"All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." begins one of Leo Tolstoy's most famous novels. Some call it the most famous novel ever written. Companies, who once grew astronomically, using Search as their primary marketing device, were all once happy families. They all had a pretty face.

Overnight, Search became the most famous web marketing tool ever clicked on. And now, those companies who once rejoiced in their newfound success are increasingly unhappy, each in their own way. The once proud Search industry is rapidly becoming nightmarish and quickening its descent from the top, due to a most brilliant and diabolical fraudulency. The abuse of click power Search Engines have been hiding threatens Search, just as Anna Karenina, Tolstoy's classic character whose proud and aristocratic demeanor ultimately led to her descent, into withering self-destruction.


Is Google's new financial site really all that different from others because it can show a photo of a company CEO?

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No Truth to "Rumor" Connecting TMAJ And Murdoch's Ideas For "His-Space"


New York, January 11 - The Madison Avenue Journal today announced that there is no truth to a rumor suggesting a connection between a highly favorable analysis they published last week on Mr. Rupert Murdoch's plans for his "MySpace" and Murdoch's announcement yesterday at a Citigroup sponsored media-investor conference.

"MySpace" Is His Space

Apparently MySpace will attempt going head to head with portals such as Yahoo and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN. Reporting on January 10th about Murdoch's announcement at the conference, yesterday The Wall Street Journal's Online Edition summarized the news, "..the goal of adding features was to expand the time that users spend on MySpace, increasing the opportunity to sell advertising. Mr. Murdoch's comments were the first public description of his plans for the Internet..."

Some intimate that Murdoch may have been inspired with this idea based on TMAJ's January 5th tongue-in-cheek article, Citizen Rupert Murdoch "Screws Up" MySpace where they suggested that Murdoch should and will increase the vitality of his new online property. They published this view to counter a The New York Times article just days earlier which hinted that if publishers like Murdoch change the nature of properties like MySpace, they will do so at their "peril".

A Key MadAve Journal Excerpt:

"The New York Times reported on 1/2/06 in their "Lesson for Murdoch: Keep Bloggers Happy" article that when Citizen Murdoch's News Corporation began their ripping out any reference to YouTube and leaving an empty white space, this signaled that he was meddling, which made users angry. They further report that "the incident underlines the peril corporations face as they buy blogs and networking sites like MySpace".

The MadAve Journal analysis opined otherwise, "That may perhaps be true for other companies whose media empire is not run by one of the shrewdest media visionaries on the planet. One hundred years ago, Her Majesty's British aristocracy used to quip that the "sun never sets on the British Empire". Well, the same can be said for Murdoch's NewsCorporation empire today.

"Mad" Avenue Films: "Good Neighbor Sam"


By Kurt Brokaw, Culture Editor

1964: A lot of Jack Lemmon's distinguished screen career went into playing unhappy, disillusioned business types - the drunken public relations exec in "Days of Wine and Roses," the fast-track climber in "The Apartment," the desperate real estate salesman in "Glengarry Glen Ross." Here he's a kinder, gentler Jack the ad exec, and like Rock in "Love Come Back" he does an identity switch.

Jack poses as the husband of his next-door neighbor, Romy Schneider, so she can inherit a fortune. Nice work if you can get it, eh? Then his biggest client gets pulled into the same scam, and things, as they say, develop.

This is fluff, to be sure, and Madison Avenue is more peripheral, a shadow backdrop.

When "Talk" Went Out For A Walk


Talk Talked
Those were the days...on the occasion of Talk magazine's announced demise, refreshed by popular demand...

Talk talked, & Hearst walked,
Talk talked, & Miramax balked,
Tina & Ron's show has just gotten stalked
Their chat book now closed, over & chalked

Her cool editor's wit once ran loose & ruled
While the tough guy jestered, cajoled & fooled
Their hot buzz machine has ultimately cooled
Now critics & sharks are poised, perched and pooled

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