June 30, 2010

Hey Google, Save the Curbs



By Jack McHale, Executive Director

Street curbs act as the last step between us and the street. They reflect the last best protection for those who wish to stay above the toil of the gutter. They decorate the urban landscape and deserve the same consideration back from us.


Some pedestrians prefer to refer to them as sidewalk curbs. From this view they look up to them and enjoy the curb's natural higher level. One thing is for sure, people walk all over on them. Pets do even worse.


But consider what is happening to them. Due to the information suburban highway, street curbs are now caught between a rock and a hard place. Highway curbs can manage a lot more traffic than their city counterparts even though they they are so predictable. Every now and again, at the exact same intervals, highway curbs can become so grating.


If nothing is done to save the curbs, the larger issue before us will be end of walking as we know it. City curbs are faced with having to bend to the will of the street, lest they be led right down the sewer. They must also deal with the irony of street traffic; which pinches them all the while it tries to edge closer.


In essence, Curbs are being cornered.


The purpose of "Save the Curbs" is to protect them from being curbed any further. It's about transforming your ability to experience how important curbs are.

This shall be accomplished by petitioning the mayors of the top 25 American cities with 1 million registered fans of the "Save the Curbs" Facebook Group (click on any photo) to get their attention.

More importantly, there is a very serious need for people to know which curbs are being properly taken care of or not. Here's a big shout out to Google to develop a "Google Curbs"-like mapping service to help people who still walk, traverse and navigate the Curbs of America in a constructive and uplifting manner.

This is only the beginning. Save the Curbs will achieve this purpose, even if it must bang our heads against the curb.


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