April 13, 2010

Churchill @ the Mobile UpFront


It could mean the difference between the death or life of your brand.

Without getting too Churchillian, between the terrible crisis in Haiti and the exciting game at the SuperBowl, "Never before has so much been achieved and experienced by so many with such a tiny (yet important) physical effort." How tiny? The click of a button, that made a world of difference.

What was accomplished in Haiti? The speedy delivery of tens of millions of $$ to that country from around the world in a day or so.

How about the SuperBowl? The ability to sit at home, or at your favorite drinking establishment, or in your car stuck in traffic to share thoughts, jokes, frustration or delight with millions of others as the game was on.


Churchill's quote inspired Great Britain to mobilize its citizens to be aware of the common bond each had by speaking on behalf of his nation in extending a sense of gratitude to the soldiers on the war front. Today we're talking about a different front. We've talking about The Mobile Upfront.

When you think about it, there are important lessons to learn, that apply to the battle front each of us is on daily fighting on behalf of our brands in today's global marketing war.


Consider the gratitude Haitians have felt from the global village in which we live in by those compassionate citizens who have lifted millions fingers, one at a time on that devastated country's behalf. There's no difference at all if you were worrying about a family member back then Britain or in the devastation seen in Haiti.


And what about the common bond? How about the thrill perhaps to send and receive comments from global villagers everywhere during the Battle of the NFL Superstars. If you were on Twitter you know what we mean. It was something else.

How ironic is it that all this movement was accomplished by a medium that let's people do it all by the simple lifting of a finger. That's about to change.

On Tuesday, March 16, 2010 from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (ET) at the Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts on 172 Norfolk Street in Manhattan, the industry is meeting to kick-off the first-ever mobile upfront.

Churchill was an imaginative realist. For those who understand that the world is changing and that one must change with it in order to survive, the opportunity exists to transform your customer's ability to experience your brand so that their lives will be affected in ways that to date have not been possibly imagined. That said, bring your imagination.


According to Gartner, in their new study titled, "Gartner's Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond: A New Balance" mobile is about to win the media war:

- Online marketing by 2015 will control more than US$ 250 billion in Internet marketing spending worldwide.

- By 2014, mobile and Internet technology will help over 3 billion of the world's adults to electronically transact. Emerging economies will see increase in mobile and Internet adoption through 2014. Worldwide mobile penetration rate will get to 90%.

- By 2013, mobile phones will replace PCs as the most common device for Web access.

Without getting too Churchillian, it may mean the difference between life or death of your brand. Seats are going fast. Check out the Mobile Upfront site to register and save one for yourself before it's sold out.

It offers senior advertising & media industry leaders actionable insights on "All Things Mobile"; a day-long series of best and brightest-led seminars led by front line brand, creative and media decision-makers.

Among the broad areas the program will tackle is the emergence of Mobile media with a focus on: Creative, Content, Measurement, Targeting, Technology and most importantly, Monetization.

Qualified agency and brand marketers are invited to attend at no cost.

At a crucial time in the war, Sir Winston spoke to the troops at the front, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." They had to stay mobile and push ahead, up front.

So must we.


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