April 26, 2010

Don't Go Into the Bathroom!


Some on Mad Ave see an ironic reminder of Quentin Tarantino's Hostel series and Charmin's "Sit or Squat" site both of which target the college back-pack crowd. While the site provides a useful and sometimes urgently needed mapping device to point travelers to the nearest potty, if Hostel 3 is ever interested in forming a "go to market" promotion, it would give new meaning to the expression, "you're taking your life in your hands if you use that bathroom!"


But seriously, Sit or Squat is a smart way to provide utility and build community around finding clean bathrooms. The general consensus is that it's a terrific example of "normally low interest brands giving high interest solutions" with mobile.

It seems like adding a corresponding map to show where newsstands are might be an interesting way to make a sale, particularly against light magazines readers which hostel users tend to be. Buying a magazine would put something in their hand as they are killing time.


To round out the experience while there's nothing extraordinary about a Handi Wipe, they are must for hygiene-friendly travelers who might also make their entire Sit or Squat experience a meal opportunity, tapping into sidewalk hot dog vendors, to nothing of the value they would be to those carnivorous marketers "targeting" the hostel market, especially in feeder markets.


Handi Wipes serve almost as many applications as your average holiday-bound hostel-living tourist. For example:

• Extremely cheap - usually less than $3 for a pack of 6 sheets
• Very light - a single sheet barely registers on the scale
• Dries by almost wringing alone (or drip dry for a few minutes)
• Reusable - if you are trying to create less waste and carry less stuff
• Durable - they are so durable that you can even run them through a washing machine
• Disposable - when you get a big tear in your Handi Wipe or clean up after a particularly nasty mess and you don't want to reuse it, you can toss it in the trash

Preliminary analyses indicate that one area to do a multi-branded street promotion would be any number of Eastern European cities which attract a high number of college-age students looking for something new while on holiday during the warm summer weather.



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