April 13, 2010

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Digital video strategy, why is it necessary?

Small cost, big impact. And we've just beginning.

There's nothing quite like video out there. It's versatile, easy to produce and has enduring dynamic quality; if it's done right. Too often though video is an after-thought. It's an add-on that would have performed better had it been given greater priority.

MACVIDEO NEWYORK will help you develop your video strategy for realistic, measurable time periods. First, for your most pressing needs; then for the next 6 months. After that we recommend prudence. Keep it simple long-term in order to tap into the next generation of video technologies now in the pipeline.

Throughout the process, we'll work with you to produce low-cost, high-impact digital video units in a turn-key fashion. It will include concepting, scripting, acting, producing, editing and serving your videos; with you in the driver's seat, empowered with your own dashboard to optimize metrics you will find hard to believe, in the beginning.

Our beginners luck is a direct result of 25+ years in media and marketing, culled from well-known companies such as AMEX, DDB, Conde Nast, Time Inc., Anheuser-Busch, McDonald's and NEW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY to name a few; and with the help of our video production partner, Innovate Media.

Around 18 months ago MACVIDEO NEW YORK began producing digital videos as a garage shop, separate from the other firms we were with at the time. Our first was for MAD MEN. Check out our work and let us know what you think. We've been told they're pretty good, for beginners!


FUTURE: "Digital Video is everything that television will someday be." - Jim Hedleston, President, MACVIDEONY

PRESENT: "People process digital video images 400X faster than text." - Yusuf Mehdi, Chief Advertising Officer, Microsoft

PAST: "If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic." - Bill Bernbach

Video strategy makes sense now.


eMarketer predicts it, Stanford University studied it & HULU proves it.


It's about transforming our client's ability to use digital video, so that your programs strategically capitalize on video's inherent superiority, with the metrics and delivery systems of the internet:

1. Digital technology and broadband has increased the average consumer's expectations of the internet overall;

2. We live in a TV-influenced culture that no longer relies on TV. Digital video now plays that role.

3. Video can be produced faster and delivered more cost-efficiently than any other digital ad platform available


Jim Hedleston - President, Award-winning Global Media VP @ AMEX, A-B

Tim McHale - Creative Director, Founding Tribal-DDB CMO, Writer, Evangelist, Entrepreneur

Wendy McHale - Producer, Client Services & Operations Specialist

Kurt Brokaw - Culture Editor, Advisor & Content Analyst


VISION: In less than 10 years, 90% of all content will be video-based. Does that mean that people will no longer read? No. Though it does mean that those companies that give people the choice between reading versus watching will fare better than those companies which don't.

NIMBLE: We have significant experience producing any kind of video for long term branding & acquisition solutions as well as for immediate unanticipated consumer/market mood swings, within a few days if not a few hours.

AFFORDABLE: We help clients stay healthy and grow. Video is less expensive and more versatile than 80% of all other media properties.


With our production partner Innovate Media, we provide a turnkey solution, wherever it's most convenient to our clients:

1. Video Strategy:

- Objectives
- Targeting, Timing, Promotion, Competition, Budgeting
- Media mix options: Green Screen, Tutorials, Mobile, Email, Webcasts, Players, Streaming, Webisodes, Snacks, Social/Viral & Search.

2. Management:

- Green Screen Expertise:
- Scripting
- Talent selection
- Multiple executions

- Production Capability:
- Lighting
- Cameras
- Studio
- Locations
- Editing
- Serving

- Optimization:
- Campaign management in real time

- Video Formats
- Onsite Video Products

- Video spokesperson
- Video snacks
- Online promotional videos
- Long form videos

- Online Video Ads
- Online video banners
- Online video overlays
- Lower third interstitial ad units
- IAB standard video units

- Video Products / Units
- Google video ads
- Online training videos
- Online product manual videos
- Video coupons


- Measurement tools:
- Video Starts
- Click Through
- Video Replays
- Video Pauses
- Mute/unmute
- User Stops
- Video Completes
- Mouse Over
- Campaign Analysis
- Unit Analysis



MAC VIDEO is a specialty practice created as an offshoot from Madison Avenue Consultants (founded 2003) and The Madison Avenue Journal (founded in 2005). It is a leading marketing service firm designed to focus exclusively on the high-growth digital video industry.

To-date, the company has implemented both Main Street and global-level video solutions in 16+ languages by providing a best-of-class approach to: Strategic planning, Video research, Creative development/production, Media planning and buying, Direct marketing , Community relations, Event/promotional marketing.

Consumer marketing experience includes award-winning work for, American Express, Anheuser-Busch, MAD MEN, Jazz @ Lincoln Center, HSBC, Philips, Vogue, McDonald's, Warner Bros. & New York Times, among others

Trade marketing experience includes video work for Innovate Media, DPAC, ad:tech, Technorati, Laredo Group, Personal Life Media and Newsforce, among others.


Madison Avenue Consultants

MAD MEN Gunner

MAD MEN Kourtney

Wynton "tune in" Lincoln Center

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Wynton "Flex Fridays" Lincoln Center


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YMI Jeans*






Ellen DeGeneres AMEX video

Ellen DeGeneres AMEX Avatar email


Christiana Care Imaging


Why should you develop a video solution?
- What should your video strategy look like?
- How should you manage a video campaign?
- How should you measure video success?
- Why should you hire MACVIDEONY?

Contact Wendy McHale
- 244 Madison Avenue, #482. NY, NY 10016
- Wendy@macvideony.com or 302-766-0655


*Innovate Media

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