April 13, 2010

DPAC Awards Presents: 2009's SIGHT OF THE YEAR Preview


Dozens of city, state, & federal agencies, thousands of people, millions of gallons of water and one heroic plane captain came together to rescue about 100 people from their landing in Manhattan's bitter cold and calm Hudson River earlier this year.


Rivaling the amount of technology used in a moon landing, the air, ground and water-based tools here which founded, lifted off, failed, landed, saved and was used by the media to report it to the world is illuminated best with the simplest of tools; a canvas, oil paint and some brushes.

Not even the most sophisticated techie or emergency worker, government official or media reporter has been able to capture the brilliance and orchestration of it in full. That could only be done by an artist. It gives me great pleasure to inform you of who that artist is, Ms. Erin Money.

Titling her breathtaking portrait in the simplest of terms, "The River," Ms. Money's understated work screams louder than a jet engine about what power there is to witness grace under pressure.


Next week we will publish the chat Tim McHale had with Erin on America's holiday. They will talk about what gave her the idea to do it, how she scoped out the project and what thoughts went through her mind during the week-long period it took her to complete it.

It was not an easy interview. Erin was naturally hesitant about talking about it at all; not unlike the event's hero, Sully who thought his actions were no big deal. In that spirit, Erin was careful to steer the topic away from her and focus more on the work. She is, after all an artist.


Excuse me, is it my imagination at work or is the US Airways jet shedding a tear of joy?


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