April 13, 2010

The Poop on Nippon Airlines' Green Marketing Initiatives


There are several bits of heartening news these days within the airline business. We read one this week about a well-known pilot who earlier this year gave new meaning to the words "jet ski" on the Hudson. Sully's not-so-ghost writer Jeffrey Zaslow penned an article today for the Wall Street Journal; his day job employer.

Quite the warm and fuzzy. He makes Sully's water landing sound almost fun. One next-gen'r here suggested that they bring back Bungee Jumping and call it Sully Jumping before Six Flaggs brands their next new water park ride after the Captain.


Another is more "seat-of-the-pants." A Japanese airline's new initiative has final-called for passengers to use the bathroom before boarding to help reduce fuel and carbon emissions.

Nippon Airline says lighter passengers mean lighter aircraft, which translates into less fuel, according to Fox News. Nippon hopes the one-month trial, which started earlier this month will reduce carbon emissions by five tons in 30 days.

According to Environmental Leader, more airlines are starting to retrofit their facilities with energy-efficient LEDs to save energy, while some others are targeting not-so-traditional initiatives to lighten their fuel consumption.


It gives a whole new meaning to the term "airline accident" and whether there was another reason why Dave Bowman of 2001 a Space Odyssey needed so bad to get back inside his spaceship.

HAL: "It can only be attributable to human error."

Finally, the most enlightening of them all, American Airlines and Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC are completing a project, touted as one of the largest single installations of LED lighting in the U.S., which will replace more that 1,600 incandescent lighting fixtures with new LED bulbs, reports GREENandSAVE.com. The project completely retrofits two multi-story parking garages near the airline's corporate headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.


Take A Load Off, Texas.

American Airlines will also receive financial incentives over the next 12 months through Oncor's "Take A Load Off, Texas, LED Lighting Program. The program offers commercial, non-profit and governmental customers monetary enticement upon the completion of a lighting project, according to the article.

The lights, provided by Lighting Science Group of Satellite Beach, Fla., consume 60 percent less energy and last 50,000 hours or three times longer than traditional light sources, which results in reduced maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


LED Saving Solutions, is also focused on cost containment by offering $100 million in LED lighting retrofits at zero out-of-pocket expense to schools, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, hotels and other businesses across the country.

Combined, these announcements take airline green-marketing into whole new manure pit, er, we mean cockpit.


But seriously, we joke about Sully's new book. It's hard not to. He's so down to earth that he makes it all look easy. Once he tells his story in typical WSJ fashion, we hope his next one will be about the future. It would be interesting to hear his views about the HAL 9000. In a side by side comparison, one difference between them is that Sully sacrificed his plane-ship for his passengers. On the other wing, HAL sacrificed his passengers for his space-ship.

In either situation, before you lift up your tray tables and fasten your seat belt, make sure you go to the bathroom.


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