April 13, 2010

MoxieQ Launches The First Mobile "Gay Sensibility" Destination


We never ever, ever, ever publish news releases. Other trade journals who report "the news" do that far better than we do :--)

However, that policy has changed... at least for today.

This exception is made due to the fact that our good friend and social media evangelist, Heidi Lehmann, has launched a new company that will empower LGBT's to connect "more mobilely". Plus, we tweaked/added to it. It's no longer a news release. Heidi left a lot of stuff out!

Before founding MoxieQ, Heidi was a founder of Third Screen Media and was a key player at the Sprint Mobile Media Network, which was the first carrier to launch an ad network. Gobbled up by Time Warner's AOL in 2007, Third Screen's purchase signaled the beginning of the mobile explosion.


This is a company you should get to know. Many mobile advertising and media experts, celebrities and radio personalities are already behind MoxieQ's launch. As their site promises, it's "mobile entertainment with a gay sensibility."

Heidi Lehmann and her partner, Kim Olson co-founded the company. Before launching MoxieQ, Kim was a founding member of the Sprint Mobile Media Network Service, which appeals to the more than 16 million, $712 billion-spending members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community, as well as other consumers who want the gay perspective.


Here are some facts and figures Heidi left out. We added it since the opportunity for mobile marketers is unprecedented. The purchase power of the gay market in 2007 was $712 billion. It's only going up. MadAveCon research projects its purchase power in 2011 may be close to $1 trillion, from the 15-30 million gay people in the US.

According to a consortium of research companies which includes MRI, Harris Interactive and CMI, among others, of the top Fortune 500 companies, 183 had a presence in gay media in 2007 a 1000% increase since 1994, when only 19 companies had a gay market.


Gay + Mobile = Win:

- 75% of GLBT are considered Heavy Internet Users vs 59% of heterosexuals
- 32% are online 24-168 hours per week vs 18% of heterosexuals
- GLBT are heavier users of Text & IM than heterosexuals
- 22% text daily vs 17%; 21% IM daily vs 15%
- More GLBT are members of social networking sites
- 27% spend up to 1 hr/wk on YouTube vs 22% of heterosexuals
- 20% spend up to 1 hr/wk on CraigsList vs 13% of heterosexuals
- GLBT are more active with Blogs than heterosexuals
- 51% of GLBT adults read blogs vs 36% of heterosexuals
- 27% post blog comments vs 13% of heterosexuals
- 19% feel positive about ads in blogs vs 8% of heterosexuals


Mobile is the fastest growing advertising medium "per capita". Brands such as P&G, AmEx, Ford, JetBlue, and Hyatt Hotels have made repeat mobile buys and had success; budgets are growing.

The Premier Gay Mobile Entertainment Destination

About a month ago, MoxieQ teased attendees of its launch at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York. MoxieQ media personalities Ryan and Caroline, formerly of Clear Channel's Pride Radio, conducted red carpet interviews with celebrities including Suze Orman, Tyra Banks, Judith Light, Kathy Griffin and Wilson Cruz were there, among others. The GLAAD awards recognize accurate and fair LGBT portrayals and news content in the media.


"We were proud to share our TV 'Gayed' weekly guide to what's LGBT on TV and outstanding LGBT-inclusive commercials from GLAAD's online ad library with MoxieQ as they bring important and entertaining content to our community on the go," said Neil Giuliano, President of GLAAD.


MoxieQ partners include a number of leading LGBT celebrities and brands: BRAVO's "The Fashion Show" personality and underwear designer Andrew Christian, DishMiss, Gay Cities, GLAAD, LOTL, Ryan and Caroline, Under the Pink Carpet and Witeck Combs Communications.

"I'm excited to have my products featured in the 'Daily Briefs' section of MoxieQ," said Andrew Christian. "My viewers and customers are young, hip, and on the move which means the mobile channel is a primary way for them to discover new products. MoxieQ is a perfect match for us to expose our latest designs directly to our target consumer."

It's advisors include Stephanie Blackwood founder and partner of Double Platinum ad agency, Tom Burgess former founder and CEO of Third Screen Media, Olivier Griot former GM of mobile for Hachette Filipacci Mobile Media, and Chip Stevenson former head of PR and Promotions for Planet Out.


For Advertisers Targeting the LGBT Community

MoxieQ exclusives deliver sassy, short-form content such as Test your Gay IQ, Psychic Snacs ("gay" horoscopes), Ask Mr. Moxie, "Bite, Sip and Buy" recommendations for gay and green businesses, and up-to-the-minute Gay Weather. It is an optimized for mobile entertainment destination with a gay sensibility and is a mix of original and syndicated content from brands such as GLAAD, Gay Cities, Ryan and Caroline, DishMiss, Weatherbug, Under the Pink Carpet and Witeck Combs.

Heidi said, "The LGBT and LGBT-friendly demographics are a perfect fit for both mobile and advertising, with an audience that is increasingly looked to by the mainstream consumer as trendsetters with tremendous influence and insight into what is hot and cutting-edge," We say, MoxieQ is "in the know".


Heidi and Kim, we all wish you well. Have Fun!


Jennifer Abelson
Abelson Group for MoxieQ

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