April 13, 2010

Life In The LAST Lane

By Tim McHale, Managing Editor

He was a big-spendin man, his phat wallet was handsome
And she binge-shopped so pretty
She held the card, that he paid as ransom
In the bank of the hedged fun_city

He had a high-worth bank advisor with a liar's 'tude
Who said he should invest, one leveraged dude
They had one thing in common
They were deep in debt

She said Pay-Pal Pay-Pal!
Our credit's almost dead

Life in the Last Lane
Overcharged their piece of mind
Life in the Last Lane
Life in the Last Lane

Are you broke like them so far?

Eager for Visa, APR's the game
The 30 day notice, payment a real pain
They're knew all the wrong people
They bought all the cheap thrills
They threw outrageous parties
They paid heavenly bills

There were lines at the checkout, keep up the Jones race
She pretended not to notice, her gold card was out of date
Online in the evening, e-commerce so right
He was too broke to pay it, she saw, foreclosure bank sale on it

Life in the Last Lane
Spending made them fall behind
Life in the Last Lane
Crushing debt, all the time

Gold price is climbing
Portfolio's burst
They didn't see the downturn
Lost it all, now want a hearse

She said, listen baby, you can day-trade back some rev.
Paystubs down and out on payday, haven't earned a goddamn thing.
He said, call the broker, the Dow is gonna crash.
The broker say he's comin, markets called so pay in cash

They had no gas on that freeway,
Oil rates their high cost
They're really scared now, since the card's just cut them off
And it was

Life in the Last Lane
Surely put them last in line.
Life in the Last Lane
Falling back, all the time.

Life in the Last Lane

Life in the Last Lane

Life in the Last Lane

Madison Avenue Consultants, Copyright, 2009. All Rights Reserved.
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