April 13, 2010

Welcome to the "Twilight" Love Zone


By Shea Park, President, Ad-Spark

Yeah I'm in love with a fictional vampire ....so what?

Confession: I now read books about teenage vampires. And I'm not soon to recover from the deep elation over this story; books, movie, music, and not to mention a staggering tale for grass roots marketing.

Vampires are soooo much sexier than Aliens. After seeing Twilight amongst countless others this past weekend, who's not voting for Team Edward? Buying the Books, telling your friends, twitchily awaiting the sequel movie, and now in misery over Stephanie Meyer's suspension of Midnight Sun. What a film? What a family? What a love-story? What a Dreamy Vamp?


Moreover than this movie's reaction, a myriad of other layers emerge. How does a book evoke such a passionate consumption from its readers when so many teachers and public educators cannot? This literary series turned pop culture phenomenon flawlessly examples what basic yet essential ingredients will seduce customers, and illicit their fervor for lasting intrigue and loyalty. What is essential? Creativity? Personalization? Intangibility? Viral strategy? Approval seeking? Satisfaction? Simply recognizing the long term value to keeping customers happy? Or merely illustrating our basic primal need for----- love? Could it be that simple?

In a cruel and hard world, the love story fantasy is something we may desperately need to believe in now more than ever. Who would not want to be loved eternally and completely for who we are and how we smell? Protected? Cared for? And never let down? Sounds good to me.


Twilight Mania has brought teens and pre-teens in droves to reading more than what is simply required for school. They allow an escape from the harsh reality of our times, with a complex and modern day fairly tale. And yes now with a sequel movie announced, could very well do more than that. Watch out Harry Potter stocks.

Devastating readers who anxiously await the 5th book, the author placed Midnight Sun on hold leaving fans distraught and thirsty for Edward's perspective. Copyright infringement? Miss-communication? Or simply marketing genius. If a product is held back from an addict, won't they desire it that much more? Our anticipation will be rewarded, it just has to be.

Twilight is a stirringly romantic and keenly suspenseful love-story; capturing the hearts and palpitations of readers and viewers of all ages. I haven't experienced anything like it since Beatle Mania. Seeing girls go weak in knees, crying, and indescribable fever over this love-story is inspiring. Much Like Edward's self control over Bella, Stephanie Meyer, illustrates restraint and models innocence for her audience. This is not a sheik evolved vampire tale, Meyer does far more to re-build confidence in family unity, promote individualism, while encouraging chastity and real love than any other media consumed by teens today. This fantastical tale is a showcase exhibit of virtues and respectful behavior for the young and young at heart to aspire to, while dispelling prejudices, fear, and age-old, and vampirisms.

Being a vegetarian perhaps I now crave my primal carnage need in fiction form. SO I anxiously await my collector's editions and the news on the Midnight Sun. This story appeals to our most common and deepest desires to be completely and wholeheartedly loved and cared for. Much like other lasting trends, this is truly an epic tale with far-reaching powerful messages.


Just a few box office stats----
- One of the biggest November weekends in box office history:
- Highest grossing opening ever by a female director (by over 30 million)
- 4th highest opening for films opening in November
- 6th highest holiday opening film
- 4th highest opening weekend for 2008
- 28th top 3 day grossing film in history
- The second best opening ever for a non-studio
- A soundtrack that topped the charts a week or two before the movie was released
- Collectors Edition sales about to skyrocket


People went to great lengths to see the weekend debut. My 16 year old niece Dru and I drove 1.5 hours through snow and ice to see the movie only to find it sold out. I thought she was going to sob right there in the lobby. Sold out? That just does not happen in Montana. Being internet savvy, the next morning, I pre-bought tickets on Fandango and guaranteed our shear pleasure of melting over Twilight....or yummy Edward.

Exiting the theatre, I gazed into Dru's welled up eyes and saw deep into her heart. What a powerful story indeed! My eyes in turn filled to relish in her feelings for the story and its characters. Texting one of her friends Dru advises "It's effin good dude! LOL I seen it last night...and cried when Edward came on screen....he's beautiful....bring tissue"

Who among us did not drop to our knees over a heartthrob at some time in our lives? Blood boiling to the point we thought our heart had moved into our throats. The Beatles, Farah Fawcett, Leif Garret, Shawn Cassidy? Scott Baio Anyone?? Who was your dream boy or girl?

Do tell.


Final Confession: My personal heartthrob still tugs at my heartstrings while approaching 40. I've loved Jackson Browne since I was 9 years old, I never outgrew my teen crush and I hope I never do. Fairytales may not last forever, but books, songs, and good love stories do.

Hey boys if you are not as attentive and heroic as Edward don't even bother. These girls know how they want to be treated and I'm impressed by that.



Shea Park is President and Founder of Ad-Spark and has served the internet advertising industry since 1996. Shea Park is a life-long entrepreneur, with 20 years of business management experience, a 12 year veteran of internet marketing, and writer. Ad-Spark.com specializes in customer acquisition and retention strategies, internet marketing and training. She can be reached at Shea@ad-spark.com.




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