April 13, 2010

The Atlantic Project Presents!


By a Group of Atlantic Project Bloggers

Ten: Why does it have to be "the". Isn't "a" enough? It may have been "the" land of opportunity - now "a" land of opportunity with other countries focusing on education and factors that allow people to seize opportunities that arise.


Nine: One sentiment others mentioned that I agree with - this country tends towards financial reward rather than opportunity for overall well-roundedness or happiness - but I don't know too many people leaving this country for opportunities in other countries.


Eight: Land of credit.


Seven: Absolutely. It was before (for my grandparents) and it still is now. If this weren't the land of opportunity, Barack Obama's story wouldn't have been possible. People come to this country because they know that with hard work and great ideas capitalism will smile on them.


Six: It absolutely is for the largest % of the population - look around the world....there are opportunities for crooks and gangsters and con-men all over the world and that's true here too, but the average person still has much more of a chance here than in most places. Even in October 2008.


Five: Our recent run in with financial Armageddon has revealed that America's sparkling economic reputation is really a disguise for a not so sophisticated pyramid scheme. It would be hard to believe that we are still in the land of opportunity. People who have done well in this country in dollar terms are part of some big "in" crowd that gets whatever it wants from the government. This is what has been coined as "socialism for the rich" and is indeed an appropriate term for a system that privatizes gains and publicizes losses. This appears to be ok with the majority of the larger population because outside of voting for Obama there is little organization around the need to change the institutionalized corruption. Opportunity exists only for people who can charter their own corporation.


Four: The Internet has become the new land of opportunity.


Three: Yes, and disparity. Just because the door is unlocked, people may not know that it opens a nation where a person can be someone from nothing is great, but when you have a place that chooses to divide itself, I worry. What's wrong with being American, just as the British are British, or the French French, rather than afro-guynayan-hispanic-italian-american?


Two: Has it ever been? Again a question with an answer inside. America is the land of greed and of people with good timing. Opportunities lie in poorer states.


One: Sure, if you leave your moral compass at home.


Zero: On the 4th of November 2008 a miracle of colossal proportions hit your shores... Is America still the land of opportunity? YES IT IS!!!





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