April 13, 2010

The Atlantic Project Presents: Who Will Own Your Next Idea?


Ten: Nobody can own an idea. Anybody that tries will be frustrated. Sure, you can try to own a delivery method or channel, but that is not the same thing. Right now, we have patents and copyright. Both systems have to be overhauled and have their time-frames readjusted. Note that both were introduced to stimulate the economy, and both are currently being used to throttle innovation.

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Nine: When lawyers cannot force exclusivity, the "owner" is whoever can sustain control - usually by making the most money with the idea.


Eight: Ideas are hard to own when possession is nine tenths of the law.


Seven: Google already does.


Six: Whoever is directly above me in the food chain at the office who will then pass it off as their own.


Five: An idea always belongs to its creator. Someone else only has the right to use it, not own it.


Four: The world is a "heartbreaking," "devastating" "pirate bazaar" in which counterfeiters with "no sense of morality" steal billions from America's moviemakers.


Three: Behind the prognostications of the anti-copyrightists is the assumption that we are living in a time of unprecedented change -- a "radically new culture" created by the transition from "atoms to bits."


Two: In intellectual-property circles "Article 2B" is shorthand for proposed changes in that portion of the Uniform Commercial Code.


One: Today the marketplace of ideas is being shaken up by the competing demands of technology, finance, and law. Large sums of money are at stake. Change seems inevitable.


Zero: Think. Again.




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