April 13, 2010

Is the NBA ad:tech/NY's Favorite Sport?


By Jamie Stewart

Jump ball! Some "Fanhooders" suggest that the ad:tech/NY's favorite sport is NBA due to the fact that their official "Opening Tips" begin within a week from each other.

The Official NBA season begins this evening, 10/28 while ad:tech/NY begins just 6 days away, 11/3-6. That's too simple an explanation. Maybe it's due to the fact that NBA stars are larger than life, similar to the size of the annual ad:tech/NY conference.


Or finally, perhaps it's due to the fact that the sound of the click and the sound of the swoosh sound so much alike! Well, er, maybe that's not it either. Whatever. We'll leave it up to Ray Katz and a panel of sports marketing experts to decide at ad:tech/NY when they discuss emerging media in the world of online sports marketing and content development.

Judging from the popularity and market growth that the NBA continues to demonstrate, no doubt its significance may also be touched on in several other panels covering affluent consumers, travel and financial services.


The Thrill of Victory and the Promise of Engagement - The Online Sports Enthusiast

Although sports has always been a popular online category, widespread broadband penetration and recent aggressive online programming offers from leading media companies have become a true boon to the online sports enthusiast. Not only have we seen a significant rise in the live streaming of high-profile events and sports, but the soon-to-be unlocked sports programming libraries of major media companies promises great commercial value. Online sports enthusiasts are a desirable group to reach, not only because of their general demographic makeup but because these consumers tend to be highly engaged with the online content they consume--good news for media companies and advertisers. Moderated by Ray Katz of Optimum Sports (Omnicom), this panel looks at key emerging trends from the buy-side and sell-side and discusses best-in-class practices that have emerged in the world of online sports marketing and content development.

Ray Katz, US Director of Sports marketing, Optimum Sports
Hal Trencher, VP National Sales, Sports and Music, Yahoo!
Perry Cooper, VP, NHL Direct
Mel Clements, Advertising and Digital Manager, Basketball, Nike
Wednesday, November 5, 2:45pm - 3:45pm


The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Affluent Consumer Online - A Market in Search of a Product?

A recent Forrester report noted that although greater than 90% of luxury brands have a Web site, less than one-third of these brands sell products online despite the overwhelming evidence that affluent consumers spend a considerable amount of time researching and purchasing products online. These findings have been a long-term conundrum because the online consumer has always skewed affluent and consistently has over-indexed on key affluence metrics such as income and education, yet many luxury brands often saw the online universe as too pedestrian and not suitable for their brands.

David Wish, Client Partner, Razorfish
Thomas Becker, CEO, Thom Browne
Eli Singer, Chairman, Board Member and Co-Founder, WebCollage
Bruce Rogers, VP of Marketing, Forbes.com
Rachel Wintner, Associate Publisher, Style.com, CondéNet
Wednesday, November 5, 11:45am - 12:45pm


Road Warrior Nation - The State of Online Travel

The US online leisure/non-managed business travel market will exceed $100B in 2008 and is slated to grow to $146B by 2010 (eMarketer). The stakes are high and, historically, the online travel companies have been a pioneering group leading the way with industry-wide innovations and technology advancements (e.g., we now have the aggregators that aggregate the aggregators a-la Kayak). Because the online travel consumer is a highly desirable target, ecommerce players and an array of media companies continue to aggressively target these consumers with forward-thinking, consumer-friendly tools, sales promotions and innovative advertising.

Emily Riley, Senior Analyst, JupiterResearch
Robin Ingle, Senior VP, Advertising Sales, TripAdvisor
Scott Williams, Executive VP and CMO, Morgans Hotel Group
Christine DeMaio, VP and Group Publisher, CondéNet
Phil Whitney, VP, Online Marketing, American Express Publishing
Wednesday, November 5, 4:00pm - 5:00pm


Financial Services

Companies in the financial services vertical have long been at the forefront of leveraging digital and interactive platforms to enhance their overall marketing communications efforts and maximize customer acquisition and lifetime customer value. Although acquisition and CRM efforts remain a central focus of leading firms in this vertical, the multimedia-rich Internet and emerging platforms are letting these companies implement "branded acquisition" campaigns.
Adam Turinas, Executive VP, Managing Director, Organic
Kevin Wassong, President, Minyanville Publishing & Multimedia
Brian Quinn, Vice President, Multimedia Sales & Digital Sales Director, The Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, November 5, 5:15pm - 6:15pm





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