April 13, 2010

ad:tech/NY's Hockey Stick Media Tips


By Jamie Stewart

Goalies are unsung heroes. They never make the score. They make the save. They never get the credit when the team wins. They get the blame when the team loses. It's a lonely job, not unlike a media buyer who has to out-perform the results they achieved in their digital campaign during the previous quarter.

Like a Goalie, people skate behind your back all the time; the account group, the creatives, the traffic people and sometimes even the sales rep. And let's not forget the client. They're sure to slam a hockey puck sandwich your way if the campaign isn't going in the proverbial hockey stick direction.

It's important to know what's going on out there on the ice.

Consider these seven ad:tech/NY panels then on: buyer-side views, best practices in social media, finding new synergy in search, shifting from global to local, new applications ahead, performance branding and the power of engagement like Zamboni-esque breaks which will smooth your way to scoring one for the client, and help you avoid getting slam checked into the boards in 2009:


1.0: Power Panel: Follow the Money - The View from the Buy-Side

Offline. Online. Above the line. Below the line. There is no line. Never--in the history of advertising--has the exercise of strategic media planning and buying been so complex. Digital media and technologies have unleashed a torrent of new advertising platforms while traditional media platforms endure increased scrutiny in an era of performance marketing. The media ecosystem is so vast yet so fragmented and the consumer has never enjoyed so much control.
Jon Fine, Media Columnist, BusinessWeek Magazine
Matt Spiegel, CEO, Digital, Omnicom Media Group Digital
Quentin George, President, Global Digital Strategy and Marketing Innovation, Universal McCann
Bob Thacker, Senior VP of Marketing/Advertising, OfficeMax
Donna Speciale, President, Investment and Activation, MediaVest USA
Wednesday, November 5, 11:45am - 12:45pm


2.0: Mobilizing and Leveraging Consumer Insights: Best Practices for the Digital and Social Media Age

We've never had access to more real-time, in-depth data about what customers think and how they behave in an increasingly multi-platform, integrated world. Despite access to an increasing amount of data, the consumer has never seemed so elusive, and it has never been more challenging to translate data into insight and apply that insight to decision making that translates into in-market results. Social media is a whole new frontier for customer insight: Millions of conversations to listen to. But how do you know what to pay attention to and how do you use it? In this session, leading customer insight practitioners share how they are handling key customer insight challenges including:
•Social media - what to listen to and how to use it
•What new quantitative and qualitative data-mining techniques are dynamically uncovering breakthrough insights
•What specific insights are most relevant and helpful
•What are the emerging best-practice techniques for tightening the connection between insight and decision making
•What insights do marketers want and need but can't yet get
Jeff Flemings, Senior VP, Renaissance Planning, VivaKi
Kay Madati, VP, Audience Experience, CNN Worldwide
Michael Lazerow, Chairman and CEO, Buddy Media, Inc.
Jeff Hunter, Innovation Toolkit Director, Cereal Partners Worldwide, General Mills, Inc.
Marc Ruxin, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital, McCann Worldgroup San Francisco
Chris Pan, Head of Brand Solutions, Facebook
Wednesday, November 5, 2:45pm - 3:45pm


3.0: Search and Social Synergy

Search and social media are inextricably linked. 70 percent of all online content will be user generated by 2010, and search is how users will most often find that content. Recent integrated search results via Google Universal have only elevated the visibility of social media sites. In addition, the search functions of the major social media sites are becoming significant platforms in their own right, which may further complicate the future relationships they have with their current search partners.
Presented by Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.
Dana Todd, CMO, Newsforce, Inc.
Mike Grehan, Global KDM Officer, Acronym Media
Adam Lavelle, Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossing
Julie Sun, Senior Manager, SEO, MTV Digital Media
Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, SearchEngineLand.com
Wednesday, November 5, 4:00pm - 5:00pm


4.0: The Great Transfer of Wealth: The Transformation of Local Advertising

In a world where consumers' demand for timely, relevant information is increasingly insatiable and immediate, the US local advertising market has evolved into a $150B free-for-all. To further illustrate the point, Bill Gates has predicted the hard-copy Yellow Pages will be extinct within 5 years. This institutional death alone will essentially toss a $11B jump ball into the mediasphere. And you wonder whether Google can keep growing at its current pace? At the local level, relevance is king and the efficiencies of free, dynamic local search and geo-targeting mastered by companies such as Google and Craig's List are poised to paralyze today's incumbent local media channels.
Gordon Borrell, President, Borrell Associates, Inc.
Eric Stein, Director, Local markets, Google, Inc.
Kurt Weinsheimer, General Manager, Local Marketing Services, Spot Runner, Inc.
Peter Hutto, VP, Business Development and Sales, Local.com
Ben Boles, Director, Digital Media, Jerry Damson Automotive Group
Wednesday, November 5, 5:15pm - 6:15pm


5.0: The Next Frontier: Advertising in Applications

The growth in online advertising is remarkable, yet digital ads remain confined to only a portion of people's digital lives--when they browse the Web. In fact, users still spend greater than 60% of their computer time outside the browser, sending emails, working on documents, organizing pictures and a long list of connected scenarios where virtually no ads are shown today. However, this situation is about to change. Some of the questions being discussed include:
•What shapes or form will non-browser ad inventory take?
•How valuable will advertising in applications be for marketers?
•What benefits will end-users find in a world where applications are partly ad-subsidized?
•How fast will the application advertising market grow and why?
•What is the outlook for advertising in specific application areas like gaming, productivity and communications?
Thomas Escourrou, Principal, Oliver Wyman
Liza Hausman, VP, Marketing, Gigya
Bant Breen, President Worldwide Digital Communications, Initiative Media
Brad Kertson, Senior Marketing Product Manager, Microsoft
Chris Pan, Head of Brand Solutions, Facebook
Dean Carignan, Director, Advertising Business Strategy, Entertainment & Devices Devision, Microsoft
Thursday, November 6, 9:30am - 10:30am


6.0: Branding 3.0: Welcome to the Age of Performance Branding

A new age of branding is upon us. In the pre-search, analog past, a message was pushed--over and over and over again--to consumers until the ideal combination of reach, frequency and targeting (hopefully) achieved its objective of "brand building"--be it recall, awareness or equity. Although push messaging is still effective and widely used, consumers increasingly are turning branding on its head and putting pressure on marketers to engage with consumers across a wide array of touch points and develop an equally effective "pull" marketing strategy.
Brian Stelter, Advertising Reporter, The New York Times
Karna Crawford, Executive VP, Chief Media & Connections Officer, Engauge
Jeff Ratner, Managing Partner, N.A. Digital Director, MindShare North America
Eric Wheeler, Co-Founder and CEO, 33Across Inc.
Thursday, November 6, 10:45am - 11:45am


7.0: Beyond the Banner/Beyond the Network: The Mid-Tail and the Promise of Engagement

This new session is designed for the more advanced online marketer seeking new tactical approaches to leverage the unique features of the web beyond standard IAB units placed blindly across ad networks. As CPMs rise for quality inventory among the portals and top 100 properties, advertisers are sliding into midsize websites--following users who are spending less time at the big sites and more time within the mid-tail of the online ecosystem. Site-specific creative integration - including product placement, advertorial, reskins, takeovers, contests, promotions, video, etc. -is evolving toward a standard toolbox of go-to market and optimization tactics that engage passionate users and contribute to word-of-mouth on and offline.
Susan Bratton, Co-Founder and CEO, Personal Life Media
Tom Koletas, VP and Managing Director, Advertising Sales, Imaginova Corp.
John Ardis, VP, Corporate Strategy, ValueClick, Inc.
Stanley Holt, VP of Publishing, eHarmony
Levy Cohen, CEO, Collarity
Thursday, November 6, 1:45pm - 2:45pm





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