April 13, 2010

ad:tech's Moderators Strike OUT!


By Wendy McHale

Game 2. Play ball! Anything goes, sliders, fast balls, curb balls, you name it. Even some arguments with the ump! No doubt these discussions will round third. You'll decide which of the panelists is safe at the plate! Media is at home and hosting the visiting teams, video, branding, targeting, gaming, addressibility, the long tail, search best practices, Emerging and Bleeding edge tools, pre-roll and understanding each with precision.

1.0: Media and Entertainment - Programming, Distribution and Advertising in a Multi-Platform World

How are leading media and entertainment companies looking at the evolving distribution landscape and taking advantage of multi-platform opportunities in an era where content can be distributed via broadcast, cable and online, and through mobile devices and across multiple on-demand platforms? How does the wave of consumer generated content fit into this picture? And if content is king, why is monetizing content online so seemingly difficult?
Shelly Palmer, Managing Director, Advanced Media Ventures
John Cantarella, General Manager, TIME.com
Ted McConnell, Director, Interactive Innovations, Procter & Gamble
Jean-Paul Colaco, Senior VP of Advertising, Hulu
Michael Arrieta, Executive VP, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment
Wednesday, November 5, 11:45am - 12:45pm


2.0: Tales from the Bleeding Edge: Game-Changing Opportunities for Tomorrow's Marketer

The Interpublic Emerging Media Lab believes the definition of interactive continues to change. Digital is no longer a fixed medium, but is now making its way out of the home and the office into new venues and devices. With this evolution, opportunities are beginning to emerge in categories such as telematics, radio frequency tagging, home mobility and digital out-of-home, to name a few:
•Radio-Frequency Identification (RFI)
•Digital POS terminals
•OLED and new digital out-of-home signage
•Mobile couponing
•Virtual worlds and artificial intelligence
Hosted by Lori Schwartz, head of the IPG Media Lab, this panel brings together thought-leaders and innovative marketing and media executives to share their ideas and experiences in this lively and interactive forum and offer attendees tangible insights on how to leverage new solutions in their media plans.
Lori H. Schwartz, Senior VP, Director IPG Media Lab, Interpublic
Joe Marchese, Co-Founder and President, SocialVibe
Denny Reinert, Director of Interactive Sales, Navteq Media Solutions
Phil Ressler, President and CEO, Big Stage
Shashi Seth, Chief Revenue Officer, Cooliris
Wednesday, November 5, 2:45pm - 3:45pm


3.0: Beyond the Pre-Roll: The State of Online Video

Digital video across multiple platforms is transforming all media and the business of marketing communications. And with online video advertising pegged to reach $7.5B by 2012, the future is bright.
Michael Learmonth, Reporter, Advertising Age
Rebecca Paoletti, Director, Video Strategy, Yahoo!
Ty Ahmad-Taylor, Digital Product Executive, Consultant (Former Senior VP, Product Development and Strategy, MTV)
Marty Roberts, VP, Marketing, thePlatform
Chris Allen, VP, Director of Video Innovation, Starcom USA
Wednesday, November 5, 4:00pm - 5:00pm


4.0: Master Class Roundtable: Growing Online Brand Advertising Dollars

Consumers are inundated with marketing messages through an ever-increasing number of offline and online channels. Meanwhile, advertisers continue to strive to find the optimal mix and experiment with new channels such as social marketing, mobile marketing, online video, advergaming and others. What's more, consumers have unprecedented amounts of control and choice and the brand conversation has evolved from a monologue to a dialog. Clearly, knowing what works best to achieve corporate goals is crucial and, for many, digital advertising offers unprecedented insight.
Pete Blackshaw, Executive VP of Digital Strategic Services, Nielsen Online
Brian Kalma, Director of Creative Marketing, Zappos.com
Scott K. Wilder, VP, Group Manager, Intuit
Jeffrey Graham, Executive Director, Customer Insight, The New York Times
Andrew Markowitz, Director, Digital Marketing and Media, Kraft Foods
Kevin Ranford, Director, Web Marketing, 1800Flowers.com
Wednesday, November 5, 5:15pm - 6:15pm


5.0: Next Generation Targeting: Precision Marketing in the Digital Era

Welcome to the era of performance marketing. Digital media, platforms and technologies continue to be enhanced by increasingly focused targeting capabilities that have captured the interest of the buy-side community. Although the industry strives to deliver the holy grail of advertising known as true one-to-one messaging, marketers and their media partners have executed highly targeted campaigns that successfully deliver on the "one-to-few" marketing promise.
Rich LeFurgy, Principal, Archer Advisors
Alan Chapell, President, Chapell & Associates
Alec Gerster, Chief Marketing Officer, Navic Networks
John Nardone, Chairman and CEO, [x+1]
Omar Tawakol, CEO, BlueKai
Thursday, November 6, 9:30am - 10:30am


6.0: Reach + Targetability: The Promise of Addressable Advertising

Addressability has become the hottest topic in the interactive TV world. The technology promises to enable advertisers to target video and interactive commercials to individual households based upon specific criteria without violating privacy issues. Leading data management company Acxiom, cable operator Cox, interactive technologist Navic, boutique creative/media agency Brightline and ad agency MPG will share market trial experiences that have married linear cable inventory, interactive television applications, creative versioning and lifestyle data.
Mitchell Oscar, Executive VP, Televisual Applications, MPG
Jacqueline Cobelli, Chairman and CEO, BrightLine iTV
Joshua Herman, Product Leader, Global Segmentation & Product Innovations, Acxiom
David Porter, VP for Marketing and New Media, Cox Cable
Matthew Emans, VP of Product Management, Navic
Thursday, November 6, 10:45am - 11:45am


7.0: Will the Long-Tail Go Bankrupt? The Economics of Digital Media Distribution
Digital content is everywhere and, online, is increasing by orders of magnitude on a weekly basis. However, this epic flood of digital content and unprecedented media fragmentation has produced a fundamental conundrum: It's hard to make money. MODERATOR:
Emily Steel, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
Matt Coppet, Head of Global Media Strategy, UBS
Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3
Thursday, November 6, 1:45pm - 2:45pm


8.0: Search Marketing Tactics and Strategies: Best Practices Across Current and Emerging Digital Search Platforms

If you know how to buy ads in directive search results, you are running ahead of the pack. What about the next evolution of search? Is there anything practical and tactical that you can use now? Do ads tied to Maps really work? How about mobile search; is it more than a rounding error?
Kevin Ryan, CEO, Motivity Marketing
Thursday, November 6, 3:00pm - 4:00pm





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