April 13, 2010

From MAD MEN to M-ad:tech, Part 2.


By Donald Draper, Retired Creative Director, Sterling Cooper Advertising (A division of WPPP)

I've been doing some more thinking since yesterday. I thought it would be interesting to illuminate the differences in culture today, versus back in 1962.

Even though I'm an old guy, during the day - when I'm not napping between meals - my mind is still as sharp as a tack. Let's be straight. Back then guys like me were male chauvinist pigs. In retrospect I'm not proud of it, but that was the world back then. Or at least that's what we kept telling ourselves.


You won't see that kind of attitude at M-ad:tech. They've got many female speakers, including Shelly Lazarus, Tina Sharkey and Dana Todd just to name a few, who will be telling it like it is digitally.


Don't bring anything to read. You'll be getting a M-ad:tech goody bag with all sorts of interesting stuff in it. Regarding the above, Amazon makes it easy but it does take all the fun out of standing in line, where once upon a time you could meet interesting people.


Speaking of interesting people, I had a crush on Doris Day back in the day. Today's pop-stars dress and act differently on stage. My nurse told me to use this picture of Madonna, since it was the only one she could find that was politically correct.


This one threw me for a loop. I never met a male singer who was named Marilyn before.


When we used to play outside, we used to yell Wee!! Today, you play it.


It doesn't matter if you're from Mars or Venus, today both men and women are rocket scientists!


This is the only one I haven't been able to get. I know what they mean by a first kiss. Explain to me what they mean by a Second Life. They told me over 30 years ago that I would get one when I retired and I'm still waiting!

The Editors would like to thank Mr. Draper for his MAD MEN to M-ad:tech ideas. He plans on covering M-ad:tech for the MAJ, if he can fit it into his schedule!

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