April 13, 2010

The ad:tech/NY Open-Book Test, Part 1.


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By Wendy McHale, Substitute.

Now class, settle down and look down at your Blackberries. No, I mean look up here at the blackboard!

Those of us who have been working for awhile don't take tests in classrooms very often. Instead, we get tested in conference rooms. So, when was the last time you took an "Open Book" test? With Ad:tech/New York quickly approaching next month, there are going to be so many things to learn.

We're not here to test your IQ and EQ. We want to test your "TQ" (tech quotient) and "CQ" (culture quotient). We both know what a brainiac you are, so chill for 60 seconds and check this out.

It's simple; five easy multiple-choices questions on a bunch of companies which will be at ad:tech... and five "really difficult" questions on high-school movies, TV shows and songs. Click on any of the visuals to do the quick test. If you're stumped and want take your "Open Book" option, "click here or on the "ad:tech New York "Open Book Test" visual.


Please click to take the test.

Part 1: For your TQ

1. What company provides web-based software that allows companies to easily build email marketing campaigns?

2. What company pioneered the content delivery system a decade ago?

3. What company has offices in the USA, mainland Europe, UK and Asia?

4. What email software company is highly recommended by Jupiter Research and Google Analytics?

5. What company works with The Wireless Association?


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Part 2: For your CQ

1. What actor played Vinnie Barbarino on the hit TV show "Welcome Back Kotter?"

2. What band sang "Hot for Teacher?"

3. In the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" what was the name of the character Sean Penn played?

4. In the movie "School of Rock" Jack Black trains his students for what competition?

5. Which of these characters on the TV show "Happy Days" never went to high school?


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What was the name of the student in the Pearl Jam song that "spoke in school today?"

Those who answer the all questions correctly will have a chance to win 3 DVD's of the featured movies of their choice. Send your name in. Don't forget, it's the honor system :--) We'll publish the answers later this week!


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