April 13, 2010

The ad:tech/NY Open-Book Test, Part 3.


By Wendy McHale, Substitute.

I'm McLovin, You're McLovin, They're McLovin. Judging from the anticipated crowds registering for this year's ad:tech/NY, people will be Mc:teching it. Which brings us to Part 3 of ad:tech/NY's Open-Book test; the final exam!

For those who cut class (or were excused) over the last two days, readers took Part 1 and Part 2 of this 3-part ad:tech/NY's Open-Book test. It's designed not to test your IQ or EQ, but rather to test your "TQ" (technology quotient) and "CQ" (cultural quotient).

It's simple; five easy multiple-choice questions on a bunch of companies which will be at ad:tech... and five "really difficult" questions on high-school movies, TV shows and songs. Click on any of the visuals to take the test. If you're stumped and want take your "Open Book" option, click on the "ad:tech New York "Open Book Test" visual and do your homework!


1. What company builds and supports databases up to ½ billion records?

2. What company publishes a FREE print and digital magazine?

3. What company helps organizations capitalize on the power of influence in social media as a means to grow their business?

4. What company is Europe's leading provider of exit-traffic subsites, delivering to over 30m unique users every month?

5. What company narrows the field of organic search by developing niche-specific portals tailored for specific searching communities?


1. The movie "Clueless" is based on what classic novel?

2. What was the name of the song Tom Cruise danced to in "Risky Business?"

3. What actor starred in the classic film "Rebel Without a Cause?" (Hint: the Eagles wrote a song about him.)

4. In the movie "Superbad" what does the Mc stand for?

5. Which character does not appear in the movie "American Pie?"



Molly Ringwald starred in what movie?


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