April 13, 2010

Our Breakfast@Tiffany's Labor Day Interview


Mad Ave Editor: You know I'm thrilled that you were interested in interviewing me about product placement. But before we begin, I have a product placement question for you!

Post Reporter: Sure, what is it?

Mad Ave Editor: It's about being a Native New Yorker (NNY). Did you know that some of our most notable NNY's here are from other places? For example, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Madonna and Truman Capote were all from out of town. There's no cultural snob-ceiling here. Even with fictional characters like Holly Golightly in Breakfast @ Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn played her. She came from outside the New York City boro as well...

Post Reporter: Excuse me, "boro" is singular. There are 5 boros in New York City.


Mad Ave Editor: Right, let me just finish. NNY's are so open-minded that in the past we've even elected an out-of-towner to the United States Senate, though I can't remember that person's name at the moment.

Post Reporter: Let me give you a hint. It's someone who was elected due to their being connected to a president of the United States. Does that help?

Mad Ave Editor: Bobby Kennedy, right?

Post Reporter: That's correct, though that's not exactly who I was referring to.


Mad Ave Editor: Whatever. We know that the media capital of the world is New York ,the financial capital, the fashion capital.... Hell, even the pastry capital is here in NY.

Post Reporter: Tell me something I don't know.

Mad Ave Editor: Okay, so how come you won't be in Nashville, TN this weekend? It's the ultimate NNY event and anyone who is anyone is going to be there. It's at the Grand Ole Opry.

Post Reporter: What are you talking about?

Mad Ave Editor: You don't know about the 2008 World Pastry Team Championship? NNY's love their world-class restaurants. That makes this a NNY event. It's on August 31 to September 1st and will be bigger than the Olympics. People from all over the world will be there. Everybody who attends gets the gold.

Post Reporter: Tell me more.


Mad Ave Editor: Our USA team is made up of our best pastry chefs. They're up against 12 other countries to win the World Pastry Team Champion title. The contenders have to make a chocolate showpiece, a sugar showpiece, three identical cakes, three identical frozen desserts, 14 identical plated desserts and an assortment of small cakes and bonbons. Team USA will be represented by three blue-blooded Americans, Laurent, Dimitri and Stephane! They are NNY's, themselves. Check on our USA TEAM to review their credentials. Everywhere from the Ritz-Carlton, Bellagio, St. Regis to the Lycee Pardailhan in Auch, France. They'll be up against stiff competition from China, Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Korea and Belgium to name a few. They will have instructors, so take notes. You'll add a few more tips to improve your S'mores recipe.

Post Reporter: That's very nice, though it sounds like something only for the trade. Can we begin the interview?

Mad Ave Editor: In a minute. One more thing. From a MadAve standpoint, even though most people never heard about it, they've had 18 trade sponsorships all sold out for years. Godiva's one of them. The cool thing though is that in 2009 it's going to be expanded for consumer marketer sponsorships, rights and merchandising. We're talking about category exclusivity, presenting sponsor opportunities. The whole kit and caboodle.


Post Reporter: Like what.

Mad Ave Editor: Like the chance schmooze with thousands of some of the most connected power-brokers from all over the world. You should come with us to Nashville this weekend to see first-hand. This is like the Davos of desserts. The theme for the 2008 World Pastry Team Championship is: IMAGINATION!; something you should use as you begin developing your 2009 marketing plans.

Post Reporter: Okay, excuse the pun, but where's the sizzle?

Mad Ave Editor: Well, if you took the time to venture out of Staten Island - and we mean no ill-will against your ferry commuter readers - this is one happenin' event. It's the real deal. Chefs who compete have to get certification or re-certification by the ACF (American Culinary Federation) and the IACP-CCP (International Association of Culinary Professionals). We'll be interested to see what happens before companies like Starbucks negotiates the 2009 rights. It's got national and international buzz.

Post Reporter: That's all well and dandy. So what does this have to Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Mad Ave Editor: Do you know who Philip Seymour Hoffman is? You see, the pastry is deliciously decadent. Have you seen the film Capote? Breakfast @ Tiffany's? We'll give you a hint. The opening scene to Tiffany's has Holly window-shopping at six in the morning eating a pastry, after being up all night on a date with a married man. Get the point?


Post Reporter: Ahh, no. How did you hear about this?

Mad Ave Editor: From Clay Gordon, the chocolate critic. You know him? He told us about the connection between chocolate pastry, romance and marketing... Chocolate has caffeine in it. Do you know what a double tall non-fat latte is? Chocolate has Theobromine, which monkeys with your serotonin.

Post Reporter: Even if it does, so what.

Mad Ave Editor: Chocolate pastry has the chemical makeup to make you feel good. Can't you see the connection? Marketers like to associate with events that cause that kind of reaction in people. You know, as opposed to sponsoring something that makes people feel bad.


Post Reporter: Yeah, but why is the picture of Marilyn Monroe here? You said before that Audrey Hepburn played the part.

Mad Ave Editor: Right, you probably don't know this but Capote originally picked Marilyn for the role of Holly. Truman and Marilyn shared a similar background. He thought she'd be perfect for it.

Post Reporter: How can I reach Clay?

Mad Ave Editor: His email is Clay@discoverchocolate.com.


Post Reporter: Why do you keep referring to the film as "Breakfast @ Tiffany's. For your information, it's Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's "At", not @. There's no major connection between the Internet and the film or the event.

Mad Ave Editor: That's not true, but I can't tell you what it is yet.

Post Reporter: I don't believe you. You said that many "NNYs" come here from out of town. You also inferred that people who come from Brooklyn, Bronx or Queens aren't really "NNY's" at all. I'll have you know Donald Trump grew up Queens.

Mad Ave Editor: Our point, exactly.


Post Reporter: What about my interview?

Post Reporter: Gotta go. Call me. Let's have lunch.




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