April 13, 2010

Is It Commercial Worthy? Smarts in Numbers


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By contributing editor Ryan Barrett

I find sports fans unbelievably fascinating (I'm from Philly after all, home of those notorious Eagles Fans). Sure, fans are known for getting a little (or a lot) tipsy and yelling a few obscenities, they're known for picking fights and holding onto some kind of asinine blind faith - but somehow, I find all that passion incredibly alluring. Even (dare I say it?) admirable.

This is why I'm so damn mesmerized by Notre Dame's football fans. They're like a team unto themselves, in it to win it no matter the cost. Their signature cheer is really a sight to behold, and whenever I see it all I can think to myself is "All for one and one for all."

Watching this clip makes me believe that, with a little coordination and a lot of teamwork, anything is possible... which I think could be the tag for a great ad campaign. I see this idea working for something new and sleek and minimalist and hi-tech - a company like Apple, but not so trendy. I think this would make for a very cool juxtaposition: the hi-tech vs. the human-powered, both achieving something impressive and inspiring.

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