April 13, 2010

The Making/Raking of the President 1960-2008


By Wendy McHale

Theodore H. White's "The Making of the President 1960" was a path-breaking account of the 1960 presidential election, which instantly conferred on the forty-six-year-old reporter the mantle of premier journalistic interpreter of American politics.

It vividly and memorably portrayed the characters and campaign strategies of the seven candidates who were in the field in 1960 and, beyond that, sketched the socio-historical context in which this political combat occurred. What immediately struck most readers was the consummate skill with which he wove fact and anecdote, characterization and narration, historical background and statistical analysis, personal description and second-hand observation into an artistic, dramatic whole, which appeared in a comprehensive account explaining the outcome and meaning of the election.

The MadAve Journal's "The Raking of the President 2008" sponsorship will cover this year's election through the eyes of 10+ top Social Media Bloggers, 10+ world-class media directors and the MadAve Journal staff.

At its core, "Raking" will be all about how Media Planning strategies will ultimately have a huge impact on how national and local elections are decided. We're not just talking about paid media either. The subtitle is, "Blogging and Flogging in the Media $election Age!"

Beginning October 7th, we will seek to capture in minute detail the behind-the-scenes maneuvering of the candidates' media plans, their strategy boards and to probe beneath the surface events of political campaigns to ascertain where the "real action" lay.


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