April 13, 2010

Is it Commercial Worthy? "I will try not to sing on a Kia"


Please click on the photo above to see the UGC. I love Ryan's work but she completely outdid herself on this "cell-phone guessing game" - Wendy

By contributing editor Ryan Barrett

I get into the same embarrassing situations all the time - usually while either singing loudly to a song I think I know all the words to or on the phone with a friend. Here's what happens (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this):

If I'm singing and don't know the words, I just make them up. If I'm on a call with a poor mobile phone connection, I interpret what I'm hearing and hope that I got the message right.

Me: So how was your day? What did you do?

Friend: Gre -shshshshs-! I went shop -shshsh- and the-shshshshsh- so do you wan-shhshshshs- g -shshshs- fe -shsshshshs- tomor-shshshs- n -shshshs-?

Me: That's great! Good job!

Wha-shshshshs-? Ho -shshshs- i-shshshsh- rea -shshshshs-?

Me: Call back in a few hours? Ok, sounds perfect! Bye!


Please click on photo to view the UGC.

Whenever I fill in the blanks with things that seem right, I'm usually abysmally wrong. It all generally ends in embarrassment at best and wrecked plans at worst.

My cell-phone guessing game immediately popped into my head while watching this YouTube clip, in which Joe Cocker mumbles half the lyrics from Have A Little Help From My Friends at Woodstock. Joe pulls it off, but what makes the point crystal clear is when a witty observer inserts captioned lyrics / images that sound like what he's actually saying. Of course, they're terribly wrong, and weave a story together that - hilarious as it may be - makes absolutely no sense.

So, naturally, I can see this clip making a great ad for a cell phone provider - a company like Verizon, AT&T, etc. Kind of like the "Can you hear me now" campaign, but a tad sillier, with a blip like "Wow, our conversations finally make sense!"

Is it Commercial worthy? You decide:

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