April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Washington's Belly Laugh


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By Ryan Barrett, with Wendy McHale

Some political marketing researchers swear that they can tell who the next commander in chief will be based on how people answer the question, "Which of the two candidates would you prefer to have dinner with?"

Given the continued fascination with George Washington one can't help but wonder what the heck he and Martha were like to hang out with. We expect dinner would be formal, but how about the Mount Vernon neighborhood backyard barbecue?

We'll never really know, but today we did learn that on Independence Day in 1778, in New Brunswick, N.J., General George Washington gave his army a double allowance of rum and issued an artillery salute.

According to historian James Heintze, author of factoid-packed book, ''The Fourth of July Encyclopedia," it was reported in today's NYTimes that while Mr. George was not a party animal, that didn't mean he didn't know how to have a good time.


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Considering how most people plan to spend this weekend, it makes one wonder if his example didn't have an even greater influence on the nation's character than we thought!

What else haven't the 25,000+ books on the father of our country reported? Given this new piece of information, there's no reason to believe that this UGC doesn't do as good a job at reporting what Washington may have been like as a mere lad as any historian!

Think about it. Put yourself in young George's shoes here. Notwithstanding all the problems we have in this country, if George knew then what you know now about all that's good with the United States, couldn't you imagine him being this giggly?

From the mouths of babes! Oh yeah!!

By Contributing Editor, Ryan Barrett

There are only a few things in life that are universally understood to brighten one's day. The glimpse of an amazing rainbow. The feeling of that first warm summer's eve. The sight of puppies doing, well, anything. And, of course, the sound of a baby's belly laugh.

When I watch this clip. I feel an inexplicable lightness tiptoe its way inside my stomach and spin itself into my own laughter. It captures the essence of whole-hearted happiness - a feeling that, all too often, we lose a grip on as we get older.

But I think this clip, as a TV spot, could bring out this "inexplicable lightness" in potential customers. I picture this baby's laugh selling a product or experience that promotes the feeling of youth. You know - an anti-aging beauty product, baby-powder-scented bubble bath... a silly county-fair amusement park ☺ You get the idea.

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