April 13, 2010

Take Our 2008 Ad Art Quiz!


Yesterday's ads are tomorrow's treasures!

The idea that old advertisements can become valuable gets proven twice a year at the International Poster Auction in New York. That's where ads once plastered on the walls of Paris in the 1890s or New York and London soon after are recognized as valuable collectibles, commanding prices as high as $250,000 - the cost of a network primetime spot today.

"You may have a Rembrandt, but I have a DDB!

More than 600 advertising posters will be on display, free, from now to until May 3rd at the International Poster Center, 601 West 26th St. in Manhattan. All will then be offered for sale at auction on Sunday, May 4.

"Monet, Schmoney. Check out my Ogilvy!"

To celebrate advertising posters, we put together a pop quiz, featuring 10 posters from the show. Take the quiz and then let us know how you do. If you do well, you deserve the book. If you don't, you need the book!

On May 2nd, we'll select three names from the entries and send you a beautiful 196-page hardcover book that shows, in full color, all 600 posters in the show, with informative notes on each item.

Ad Art Piece 1: The above ad could be the priciest poster in the show, with an estimated price of $120,000. Which artist created this 1899 classic for a popular French performer?
Jules Cheret
Charles Loupot
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Andy Warhol

Ad Art Piece 1: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 2: The above popular and much-reproduced poster, valued at $25,000, is by which art deco master?
Roger Broders
A. M. Cassandre
Edward Penfield
E. McKnight Kauffer

Ad Art Piece 2: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 3: Steinlen was best known for his posters featuring cats and children. This above 1896 oimage for a Paris cabaret is valued at:
$ 1,000 - $2,500
$ 2,500 - $5,000
$ 8,000 - $10,000
$12,000 - $15,000

Ad Art Piece 3: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 4: Even in the 1890s, advertisers knew that sex sells. This 1895 poster for Gladiator Cycles is now worth:
$ 10,000 - $15,000
$ 30,000 - $35,000
$ 50,000 - $55,000
$ 75,000 - $80,000

Ad Art Piece 4: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 5: This enormous poster adorned walls throughout France in 1911, for the giant air show in Roubaix. Today it is valued at:
$ 1,500
$ 2,500
$ 7,500
$ 15,000

Ad Art Piece 5: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 6: Wild west shows were popular 100 years ago, and Buffalo Bill's was the best-known, re-creating historic battles as the west was won. This 1908 American poster is worth:
$ 1,500
$ 3,500
$ 5,000
$ 8,000

Ad Art Piece 6: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 7: Movie posters are always popular, especially those heralding the birth of "talkies," like this one, valued at $20,000, for the first Mickey Mouse cartoon with sound? What year was it released?

Ad Art Piece 7: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 8: Leonetto Cappiello was known for his colorful posters for cars and food and drink. What year did he create this dramatic poster, valued at $5,000, for Cognac Monnett?

Ad Art Piece 8: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 9: This 1900 poster, valued at $20,000, is by an artist who is considered "the father of the poster." Also a printer by trade, he developed the process that enabled large posters to be printed in many colors. Previously, posters were limited to one or two colors. His name is:
Johann Guttenberg
Jules Cheret
Privat Livemont

Ad Art Piece 9: VOTE


Ad Art Piece 10: Back in 1896, JOB rolling paper was associated with tobacco, and not that other weed. The Czech-born artist who created this, valued at $20,000, was known for using images of women framed by intricate borders. Tennis star Ivan Lendl, also a Czech, owns the most important collection of this artist's work. He is:
Alponse Mucha
Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen
Jean Dupas
Marcello Dudovich

Ad Art Piece 10: VOTE

"Who cares about Warhol? I just bid on a JWT!"

Go to the show. Again, it's at 601 West 26th St. in Manhattan. The May 4th auction will be at this address and at www.posterauctions.com for those who wish to participate and bid in real time, online. Check out how to bid online HERE!

We'd like to thank Jack Rennert, President of Poster Auctions International in New York at PAI for making this possible! Mr. Rennert is the most sophisticated and down-to-earth person we know in the art world. He's organized exhibitions of posters in museums and institutions around the country, including the Lincoln Center Museum for the Performing Arts, The Metropolitan Museum, Radio City Music Hall, the French Embassy and several Japanese museums among other venues. If you don't win our little quiz, you can buy one of the books for $60 by calling (212) 787-4000 or online at www.posterauctions.com.

Have fun and good luck!!


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