April 13, 2010

HEMA winkelen: ad:tech People's Choice Awards Finalist


Please click on art to see this incredible site!

By Ryan Barrett, Boston Blogger, Writer, Author.

The first time I saw this site, I thought to myself, "I have no idea what online winkelen is exactly, but I must have it." And then I refreshed the page about a million times and giggled with glee like a little schoolgirl.

HEMA is a large Dutch department store, similar to a Kmart. And so the page, not surprisingly, shows images of everyday household items, all aligned in rows of three. Sound mundane? Well, scroll over the page or wait a few seconds to set off a chain reaction of biblical proportions.


Cups, xylophone, yo-yo, mannequin leg, liquid hand soap, magnifying glass, fire, tea kettle, confetti, Champagne, ghettoblaster (yeah, that's Dutch for boom box, a fact that makes me laugh and cry at the same time). This list doesn't include half of the "dominos" involved; I wanted to save a few little surprises for you.


While I usually pay tremendous attention to the words on a page, I don't understand words like bekers and pedaaalemmer and feestvlaggetjes. Also, none of the navigation is clickable. So (to my delight) this site forces me to focus my attention on the animation, down to the detail. Therefore, every time I refresh the page I discover new nuances to the way all the pieces of the animation fit together.

To me, the HEMA online winkelen site is a toast to simplicity and imagination, not to mention the endless possibilities that the digital space provides. I mean, really, where else would you find a blender ride a body board into a drop down menu?


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