April 13, 2010

FX nip/tuck Premier: An ad:tech People's Choice Awards Finalist


By Ryan Barrett, Boston Blogger, Writer, Author

There's something so alluring about a clean rich media unit from a trusted source. Especially one featuring a couple of pasty cheeks.

To promote the upcoming nip/tuck season, which premiers October 30, FX launched an ad campaign fronted by the most powerful image (no, Ali G fans, it's not a naked woman on a horse - but astoundingly close). I mean, seriously, who isn't intrigued by a skinny chick, an ass, a pair of angel wings and two bleeding back scars? It's just so - so nip/tuck creepy-meets-sexy.


In its closed state, the rich media unit displays this "fallen angel" figure...which, for obvious reasons, will draw eyes immediately. It'll also draw clicks. The unit makes good on one's inevitable desire to delve deeper with three tabs: "Videos, "Downloads" and "Talk to the Drs." For all three tabs, the unit expands to reveal a bunch of juicy nip/tuck content including commercials (with video player embedded inside the unit), AIM icon downloads and wallpapers with variable pixel dimensions.


The pièce de résistance, IMO, is the "Talk to the Drs." tab. Everyone who's ever watched an episode of nip/tuck, myself included, would love to pick one of these guy's brains... perhaps both literally and figuratively (Troy can be a real tool sometimes). This tab makes it seem as if our brain-picking fantasy is only a click away. Very enticing.


Click on the tab, which expands the unit to reveal a link. Click on the link and you're whisked away to the magical angel butt land. While I would have preferred the entire experience to reside within the unit, thankfully the microsite is not cluttered and provides a pretty kick-ass experience. No brain-picking (boo!), but you can tell the doctors about a friend of yours and their body image woes by entering personalized content and selecting options from a host of eyebrow-raising choices. The doctors will then either e-mail your friend or "call them directly," reciting a tailor-made McNamara/Troy message. Think Snakes on a Plane--minus the bogus flick, plus a hit television show and recognized characters.

So, in the coming days expect a message from McNamara/Troy explaining how your BFF Ryan contacted them in reference to your growing desire to look like a dead celebrity. Yeah, that's an option.

And it's freaktastic!

Ms. Barrett will be covering ad:tech SF with the MadAve Journal later this month. Please click on to "Meet Ryan!" to learn more about her background.

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