April 13, 2010

The Madison Avenue Register: No Velvet Rope....


By Wendy McHale

Community, connectivity & style have been the guiding lights with our compilation of the 2008 MadAve Register. It's like back in the days of Studio 54.

People tell us the Register is very cool to be in. We've also heard comments wondering why no media trade had ever thought of it before. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Unlike other lists, it's not limited in number. And we don't expect it ever will be. Today's MadAve is boundless. It's been unleashed. It's universal. It's a state of mind.

Get ready. Next month all the trade pubs will sludge the industry through the annual suck-up of capping the list of players who will fearfully lead us into the future. (If they're not afraid, they're clueless).

We think making a short list is a meaningless task, since our business is dependent on a constant enrichment of ideas and energy; to say nothing that it's also growing faster than a pack of bunnies!


The Register is now in its 3rd year. Check out below to see the 2007 and 2006 Registers. Last year it doubled in size. In 2008, the Register expects to be five times larger, or well over 10,000 people. From what our researchers tell us, we would not be surprised if we'll be publishing a "2008.5 Register" in July, totaling over 20,000! Last year and the previous years Registers are also found on our home page. Please peruse the four 2007 links and the two 2006 links

Once upon a time, " The Red Book" was the "Bible" of the business. As pulled off their site, "For over 100 years, The Advertising Red Books (TM) have been revered by the advertising industry, providing competitive intelligence and prospecting data to media companies, advertising agencies, manufacturers, advertising services and suppliers, libraries and many more."

100 years ago? No debate. Today? The Red Book is the dead book. Now that the pixel light shines brightly on the network of the net, the only thing you "really" need today to research somebody is their name. And Google.

Google and a name. You know this to be true.

To build the MadAve Register, that's all we needed. Word of mouth and Google. As you know there is almost nothing you can't find out about somebody if you Google them. Information about people today is as fluid as a data Tsunami. And it's a challenge to surf it, indeed. Plus, it's good to begin with the person's name, not their title or their company. Here today, bought tomorrow.

The three Registers so far have obviously skewed towards agency players, publishers/content providers, People on the marketer-side, tech people, creative freelancers, industry association members, venture capitalists, Hollywood talent, recruiters, academia, legal, conference/trainers and evangelists. Even some friends of friends of ours. H@ll, it's our list!


Audience Statistics:
1. Total MadAve professionals: 10,031
2. Total companies: 7,200+

Company Types:
1. Agencies: 21%
2. Publishers/ Content providers/Studios: 26%
3. Marketers: 17%
4. Technology companies: 16%
5. Service/Other: 20%


We're bullish on the New Madison Avenue and Hollywood's new future. God-nose our communication and entertainment businesses are two of our most precious and profitable remaining US exports. They are also some of the major growth industries in every other part of the globe. MadAve is now out of this city and out of this world (up on satellites) so the Register is a permanent world wide webbed "beta-base."


Andy Warhol loved making lists. Rumor has it that his were so long he had to limit the media time each of us would get to 15 minutes! We took Andy's idea and tweaked it. You might say that ours is the Studio 54 of the new media age. The only difference is there's no velvet rope!

Stay tuned for the 2008 Madison Avenue Register publishing date!

The Editors


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