April 13, 2010

The 2006 Madison Avenue Register, Part 1.0 (of 2)


Back in the early 1890's The Astor Family was the wealthiest family in New York City. They loved to network and enjoy society. When they planned a gala event, they made a list to invite the most well-connected, wealthy and interesting people. The Astor's liked to throw parties at their fashionable 5th Avenue home. Over time, they found that the ideal number of people to invite was around 400 or so.

It was an enviable list to be on and ultimately became referred to as "The Astor 400." The Astors considered themselves at the top of New York society though they were by no means exclusionary. Legend has it that the guest list was cut off at 400 not because there were no others worth inviting. It was due to the fact that Mrs. Astor could not squeeze any more people into their luxurious Grand Ballroom!


Years later, American media tycoon Malcolm Forbes revived the idea of creating another enviable list, The Forbes 400. Its publication set off an explosive trend that continues today in virtually every aspect of business and culture. Who can name a business, celebrity or political category that does not list and rank their most celebrated and most successful power-players? Mr. Forbes had keen insight when he created the Forbes 400. In retrospect, it may have been the first modern-day example of "behavioral segmentation".... Why are lists so popular?

1. The Forbes 400 is a practical tool in business. It acts as an informal TRW or D&B for Wall Street, based on the sophistication of methodology used;

2. Lists spark our imagination and help us strive to realize "The American Dream" on both a business and personal level. Andy Warhol loved making lists. Rumor has it that his lists were so long that in order to give each person a chance to luxuriate in the limelight, each could only have 15 minutes!

3. Bottom-line, they're fun. They satisfy our curiosity and act as a celebrity score-card if you will in B2B, B2C and C2C!

The Madison Avenue Journal borrowed some of these factors with in our first annual "Madison Avenue Register." However, unlike the others, The Register is not capped, simply because it can't. Based on current projections, we expect actually to grow!


Aaron Finn
Aaron Sedley
Ada Vassilovski
Adam Berkowitz
Adam Boettiger
Adam Chabinski
Adam Chandler
Adam Gelles
Adam Gerber
Adam Guild
Adam Ingberman
Adam Reinebach
Addam Berger
Adele Nahmad
Adi Sideman
Adrian D'souza
Adrian Narayan
Adrienne Skinner
Aimee Irwin
Aimee Pamintuan
Aimee Shoukry
Ajay Segal
Alan Biland
Alan Boughen
Alan Brown
Alan Gerson
Alan Ives
Alan Schanzer
Alan Schulman
Alan White
Albert Crane
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alex Chambers
Alexander Tsai
Alexandra Tibbets
Alexandra Yawata
Alexis Weaver
Ali Rafiy
Ali Rana
Ali Strong
Alice Dong
Alison Mittelstadt
Alison Nagelberg
Alissa Lee
Alistair Gillett
Allan Infeld
Allan Kaplan
Allen Miller
Allen Vance
Allie Savarino
Allison Arden
Allison Mellon
Allison Sowers
Allison Wieser
Allison Winfield
Alyson Grocott
Amada Vega
Amanda Grasham
Amanda Van Nuys
Amir Hardoof
Amori Langstaff
Amy Rosenfeld
Amy Sklar
Analesa Shea
Anders Borg
Andrea Bruns
Andrea Ching
Andrea Hadhazy
Andrea Nierowiecz
Andreas Combuechen
Andrew Goldman
Andrew Gottlieb
Andrew Holloway
Andrew Rosenman
Andrew Snyder
Andrew Susman
Andrew Walter
Andrew Zucker
Andy Ball
Andy Jedynack
Andy Mueller
Andy Sernovitz
Andy Sippel
Andy Walter
Andy Wang
Angelica Delassalas
Angus Wilson
Anke Audenaert
Ann Hardell
Ann Holland
Ann Sestero
Ann Simkins
Anna Bautista
Anna Zornosa
Anne Benvenuto
Anne Chan
Anne Claudio
Anne Hunter
Anne Koski
Anne Park
Anne Swofford
Annette Mullin
Annette Royal
Antonette Eckert
April Schiffman
Archana Deshmukh
Ari Paparo
Ariane Herrera
Art Williams
Arthur Brodeur
Arthur McKinley
Ashley Olson
Avi Naider
Avi Steinlauf
Avishan Hodjat
Ayash Basu
Azhar Rafee
Babs Rangaiah
Barbara Coll
Barbara Gore
Barbara Rice
Barry Briggs
Barry Kessel
Barry Kresch
Barry Lowenthal
Beatrice Spain
Beatrice Warecki
Becca Hoblin
Ben Perry
Ben Reid
Ben Saitz
Benjamin Butler
Benjamin Ezrick
Benjamin Hill
Bennett Kelley
Bert Solivan
Beth Cipriano
Beth Lawrence
Beth Luchner
Betsy Murphy
Bill Badeau
Bill Barrett
Bill Blummer
Bill Clausen
Bill Clifford
Bill Collins
Bill Duke
Bill Flatley
Bill Goldstein
Bill Gray
Bill Kupper
Bill Mahoney
Bill McCloskey
Bill Momary
Bill Muller
Bill Peyser
Bill Prescott
Bill Sapp
Bill Stutts
Bill Tancer
Bill Wentworth
Birgitta Bruzelius
Blair Gordon
Blair Vincent
Bob Frank
Bob Gaines
Bob Greenberg
Bob Hinson
Bob Hogan
Bob Lonigro
Bob Madden
Borja Perez
Bowen Dwelle
Brad Aaron
Brad Bacon
Brad Berens
Brad Heureux
Brad Santeler
Brad Simmons
Brandon Starkoff
Brea Schofield
Brendan Benzing
Brendan Condon
Brendan Tansey
Brent Hieggelke
Brent Roraback
Brett Cravatt
Brett Goldberg
Brian Axe
Brian Buizer
Brian Decker
Brian Delaite
Brian Gardenhire
Brian Hafer
Brian Handly
Brian Harniman
Brian Harte
Brian Johnson
Brian McCarthy
Brian Monahan
Brian Mondry
Brian Moreno
Brian Oleary
Brian Quinn
Brian Ratzker
Brian Seskin
Brian Terr
Brooks Dobbs
Bruce Bieber
Bruce Dalziel
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Jaret
Bruce Rogers
Bruce Sipiora
Bryan Glickman
Burt Rosen
Buz Keenan
Cady Wolf
Caitlin Fowler
Calvin Wong
Camilla Colegrave
Cari Gatto
Carl Fischer
Carl Fremont
Carl Mullins
Carl Trautmann
Carla Hendra
Carlos Restrepo
Carol A Paruch
Carol Castillo
Carol Werner
Carole Walker
Caroline Chianese
Caroline Little
Carolyn Fuson
Carolynn Kutz
Caron Kramer
Carrie Dolen
Carrie Himelfarb
Caryn Friedman
Caryn Kavovit
Caryn Klein
Caryn Smith
Catalina Bengzon
Catherine Mcconville
Cathy Borzon
Cathy Boynes
Cathy Gianfrancesco
Cathy Romanok
Cathy Taylor
Cecilia Lang
Ceril Shagrin
Chad Randolph
Charles Blackburn
Charles Chao
Charles Farrell
Charles Harman
Charles Theiss
Charlie Bragg
Charlie Hoefer
Charlie Tillinghast
Chelsea Perth
Chelsea Walker
Chen Tianheng
Cheryl Brink
Cheryl Ho
Chip Sleeper
Chris Butler
Chris Churchill
Chris Dicosmo
Chris Henger
Chris Hogan
Chris Johnston
Chris Kobran
Chris Lambiase
Chris Maccaro
Chris Mak
Chris Negron
Chris Neimeth
Chris Neuner
Chris Theodoros
Chris Wallace
Chris Young
Christina Goodman
Christina Kerley
Christine Coolidge
Christine Dilandro
Christine Smith
Christy Foley
Christy Miller
Chuck Fletcher
Chuck Gafvert
Cinda George
Cindy Gallop
Cindy McCaffrey
Claire Lipnicki
Claudia Batten
Clay Gordon
Cliff Ward
Clint Ivy
Corey Kronengold
Corie Lok
Cory Treffiletti
Courtney Caccia
Craig Calder
Craig Denton
Craig Fanning
Craig Jaffe
Craig Paris
Craig S Swerdloff
Craig Schumacker
Craig Snyder
Craig Swerdloff
Creed Pettit
Cristina Quintanilla
Curt Galushi
Curt Hecht
Curtis Nishijima
Cynthia Stephens
Dadi Akhavan
Dan Ballister
Dan Barritt
Dan Benshoff
Dan Boberg
Dan Campbell
Dan Everard
Dan Finnigan
Dan Foehner
Dan Hess
Dan Hurwitz
Dan Laub
Dan Lynn
Dan Murphy
Dan Vanchieri
Dan Wooten
Dana Covey
Dana Todd
Dana Tower
Daniel Bernard
Daniel Bueckman
Daniel Caul
Daniel Fitzhugh
Daniel Todd
Daphne Taylor
Darian Heyman
Darlene Rondeau
Darline Jean
Darren Harde
Darrick Suber
Dave Adelman
Dave Beaupre
Dave Bovenschulte
Dave Chase
Dave Evans
Dave Germano
Dave Hendricks
Dave Kappenstein
Dave Koppelman
Dave Madden
Dave Morgan
Dave Smith
Dave Williams
David Baker
David Berkowitz
David Carkeek
David Chin
David Cohen
David Cohn
David Crane
David Gantman
David Greenwald
David Haslam
David Hutchinson
David Karnstedt
David Kim
David Klein
David Lampe
David Lebow
David Lerner
David Manzo
David Moore
David Payne
David Placier
David Plesha
David Raphael
David Rheins
David Riemer
David S Carkeek
David Schwartz
David Shipps

David Silva
David Verklin
David Yakir
Dawn Anfuso
Dean Harris
Dean Luplow
Deb Mignucci
Deb Shonsky
Deb Smith
Debbie Korono
Debbie Weathers
Debi Day
Debora Wilson
Deborah Correa
Deborah Wahl-Meyer
Debra Bednar
Debra Burrell
Denise Moorehead
Denise Siedner
Denise Tillotson
Dennis Blank
Dennis Gutierrez
Derek Leedy
Derek Van Straaten
Derrick Horner
Deva Bronson
Dewey Wigod
Diana Pearson
Diane Demaria
Diane Iovenitti
Diane Oshin
Diane Williams
Diane Wogan
Dianne Druyff
Dianne Hayashi
Dick Doughty
Dick Hopple
Dick O'Hare
Dina Perez
Dominick Cerritelli
Don Rodak
Donald Andrews
Donald Black
Donna Ciraulo
Donna Dorian
Donna Mustard
Donna Stokley
Doron Wesly
Dottie Vitale
Doug Adams
Doug Gluck
Doug McCormick
Doug Roeder
Doug Rozen
Doug Sommer
Doug Weaver
Douglas Black
Dusan Balic
Ed Brandmark
Ed Gorman
Ed Shull
Eduardo Samame
Edward Kim
Edward Mcloughlin
Edward Murphy
Eileen Begg
Elda Vale
Eliabeth Apelles
Elicia Brand
Elisabeth Broome
Elizabeth Bowen
Elizabeth Cholawsky
Elizabeth Lloyd
Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Scarborough
Elke Wong
Ellen Perry
Ellen Ryan
Elliot DeBear
Elwin de Valk
Emily Evans
Emma Brownell
Enrique Gonzales
Eric Easter
Eric Eller
Eric Estrada
Eric Frenchman
Eric Goldstein
Eric Grilly
Eric Hadley
Eric Krasnoo
Eric Lubeck
Eric Matza
Eric Obeck
Eric Padesta
Eric Picard
Eric Porres
Eric Rasmussen
Eric Wheeler
Erica Crossen
Erik Matlick
Erik Osvalds
Erika Nardini
Erin Hunter
Erin Little
Erin Miranda
Erin Petty
Erin Ross
Erin Vogel
Erwin Ephron
Ethan Prater
Ethan Rapp
Evan Berg
Eve Vaasmaa
Ewa Mierzejewska
Farshad Fardad
Fedor Von Balluseck
Fernanda Pucheu
Fernando Costa
Fernando Romero
Florence Magno
Frank Elenio
Frank Weishaupt
Fred Collins
Fred Mcintyre
Fred Raimondo
Fred Tietze
Fredrick Marckini
Freya Hurwitz
Gail Mclaughlan
Gal Trifon
Garry Kitchen
Gary Bembridge
Gary Fuges
Gary Hebert
Gary Strauss
Gary Wu
Gaston Legorburu
Gavin Woodward
Gayle Fisher
Gene DeWitt
Geoff Karch
Geoff Maresca
Geoff Stevens
Geoffrey Katz
Geoffrey Ramsey
George Consagra
George Shakespear
George Simpson
George Stewart
Gerald Johnson
Gerhard Freeman
Geri Boesen
Gina Goldberg
Gina Perino
Ginny Van Berkum
Glenn Leeder
Grace Leung
Grace Riker
Greg Coleman
Greg Jarrow
Greg Jones
Greg Lee
Greg Mason
Greg Morey
Greg Morrow
Greg Smith
Greg Stuart
Gregg Stewart
Gubaksh Chahal
Guy Bendov
Guy Kawasaki
Guy Schueller
Hal Samuelson
Hans Bolander
Heather Keltz
Heather Staples
Heidi Brown
Heidi Lehman
Heidi Short
Helen Feinbloom
Helen Lee
Henit Vitos
Henry Hal
Jeff Herzog
Howard Manus
Hugh Mcgoran
Ian Ross
Ingrid Sletten
Ingrid Stephensen
Ira Silberstein
Irene Yung
Irma Gonzalez Clark
J B Sugar
Jack Bradshaw
Jack Flanagan
Jack Haber
Jack Smith
Jack Mello
Jack Myers
Jack Smith
Jackie Mclaughlin
Jackie Stone
Jacob Morris
Jacques Lehodey
James Hall
James Beriker
James Egan
James Hedleston
James Kim
James Lamberti
James Piper
James Roggio
James Spanfeller
James Surowiecki
James Weiss
James Rice
Jamie Fellows
Jamie Glenn
Jan Woznick
Jana Massey
Jane Goldman
Janna Moskin Greenberg
Jared Greenwald
Jarvin Harvis
Jasme Bantens
Jason Baadsgard
Jason Balk
Jason Bigler
Jason Burnham
Jason Fischel
Jason Haffar
Jason Heller
Jason Kalin
Jason Kanefsky
Jason Kelley
Jason Koenigsknecht
Jason Krebs
Jason Kuperman
Jason Runge
Jason Yoder
Jay Altschuler
Jay Freshwater
Jay Pittenger
Jay Sears
Jay Stevens
Jean Brockmeyer
Jean Pundiak
Jeanne Carlson
Jeanne Liu
Jeanniey Mullen
Jeannine Fallon
Jed Meyer
Jeff Einstein
Jeff Lanctot
Jeff Loechner
Jeff Marshall
Jeff Minsky
Jeff Webber
Jeffrey Graham
Jeffrey Malmad
Jeffrey Pruit
Jen Frigault
Jennifer Alt
Jennifer Blum
Jennifer Buell
Jennifer Catherall
Jennifer Cole
Jennifer Connorton
Jennifer Dorre
Jennifer Fan
Jennifer Frank
Jennifer Furce
Jennifer Medeiros
Jennifer Moyer
Jennifer Nastu
Jennifer Stephens
Jennifer Sutton
Jeremy Manton
Jerry Shereshewsky
Jerry Wiant
Jessica Lillie
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessie Schwartzfarb
Jill Calvo
Jill Glassman
Jill Griffin
Jill Rockwitz
Jim Callahan
Jim Garrity
Jim Grady
Jim Hoos
Jim Hopkinson
Jim Keever
Jim L'Heureux
Jim Lunsford
Jim Lustenader
Jim Nail
Jim Poh
Jim Siebel
Jim Stothard
Jim Waltz
Jo Jacobsen
Joan Chakonas
Joan Rentz
Joanna Bloor
Joanne Bradford
Joanne Cancro
Joanne Hogan
Jodi Kahn
Jodie Cook
Joe Apprendi
Joe Bader
Joe Gallagher
Joe Henson
Joe Kutchera
Joe Mandese
Joe Palumbo
Joe Rueckert
Joe Shain
Joe Vraneza
Joe Wilson
Joel Bassuk
Joel Kushins
Joel Walters
John Ardis
John Boyd
John Busby
John Cidulka
John Como
John Connolly
John Dawson
John Dooner
John Durham
John Farrar
John Fedota
John Glasscott
John Gray
John Hoffman
John Holden
John Khouri
John Kosner
John McCurdy
John Messina
John Morrison
John Piccone
John Raj
John Riggio
John Roswech
John Seifert
John Sieling
John Trimble
John Vaglia
John Vail
John Wren
John Young
Jon Adler
Jon Brod
Jon Diorio
Jon Fascitelli
Jon Whitfield
Jonathan Adams
Jonathan Ellix-Katz
Jonathan Hsu
Jordan Berman
Jorge Conseugra
Jose Cerda
Jose Rivera Font
Josef Hapli
Joseph Cottone
Joseph Jaffe
Joseph Kutchera
Joseph Porcellini
Joseph Siano
Josh Kreitzman
Josh Perlstein
Josh Resnik
Josh Speyer
Joshua Messenger
Joyce Bell
Juan Nunez
Judson Randolph
Judy Lee
Judy Wang
Jules Polonetsky
Julia Casale
Julia Feldman
Julia McVeigh
Julie Amorim
Julie Greenhouse
Julie Kimball
Julie Laudon
Julie Mcgoldrick
Julie Notaro
Julie Tsai
June Lemerand
Justin Bross
Justin Mccarthy
Justin Williams
Kamal Chadha
Kami Ragsdale


Kamran Amjadi
Kara Walsh
Karen Alter
Karen Anderson
Karen Benezra
Karen Gabor
Karen Jacobs
Karen McDermott
Karen Messineo
Karen Sullivan
Karen Yanch
Kari Allen
Karim Sanjabi
Karl Ehlers
Karl Gamester
Kate Everett-Thorp
Kate Hartnick Elliott
Kate Wasson
Katherine Asmuth
Kathleen Riordan
Kathryn Koegel
Kathy Dinneen
Kathy Lipscomb
Kathy Sharpe
Katie Candiano
Katie Ritter
Katja Stahl
Kay Kinkaid
Keith Lorizio
Keith Reinhard
Kelly Ford
Kelly Freeman
Kelly Kernaghan
Ken Beach
Ken Mueller
Kenneth Eng
Kenneth Fadner
Kevin Adler
Kevin Arrix
Kevin Arsham
Kevin Cassidy
Kevin Considine
Kevin Granath
Kevin Hall
Kevin Lee
Kevin Rettig
Kevin Roberts
Kevin Rowe
Kevin Ryan
Key Compton
Kim Carlson
Kim Garcia
Kim Kerscher
Kimberly Lyons
Kirby Winfield
Kirk Dickinson
Kivin Varghese
Kit Taylor
Komra Moriko
Kris Heinrichs
Kristin Mura
Kristin Nagata
Kurt Abrahamson
Kurt Brokaw
Kurt Unkel
Kyle Sherwin
Kym Gibbons
Lacey Zachary
Lance Faulkner
Lance Podell
Lara Courtney
Larry Allen
Larry Kramer
Laryssa Kundanmal
Latha Sarathy
Laura Coumont
Laura Macaulay
Laura Mitrovich
Laurel Robinson
Lauren Gardner
Lauren Hoffman
Lauren Weinberg
Lauren Wiener
Laurence Lafforgue
Lea Cockerham
Leah Holzman
Lee Conti
Lee Devinsky
Lee Drasin
Lee Smith
Lem Lloyd
Leon Levitt
Leslie Howard
Leslie Kogan
Leslie Ross
Leslie Howard
Leslie Jacobus
Leslie Kogan
Leslie Laredo
Leslie Ross
Lester Chu
Li Xin
Liddy Manson
Lina Calia
Lincoln Millstein
Linda Ayeres
Linda Cheng
Linda Fisk
Linda Lewis
Linda Pogue
Lindsay Kaufman
Lisa Abourezk
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Cross
Lisa Jablonsky
Lisa Kern
Lisa Lamb
Lisa Messemer
Lisa Payton
Lisa Baird
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Wenninger
Liz Sarachek
Lizzie Babarczy
Lori Dolginoff
Lorie Horwitz
Lorraine Ross
Lorren Elkins
Lou Carvell
Lou Kerner
Louis Lagrange
Lucy Gould
Lynn Bolger
Lynn Tornabene
Lynne Collins
Mahesh Angadi
Mai Wah Cheung
Mainak Mazumdar
Malcom Hawker
Manish Bhatia
Marc Blondeau
Marc Cote
Marc Ferranti
Marc Fireman
Marc Kiven
Marc Mallow
Marcelle Becker
Marcelo Guerra
Marci Sweren
Marcy Morton
Margaret Hung
Margaret Krauss
Margaret Lorentowicz
Margaret Nemec
Mari Kim Novak
Maria Fontanazza
Maria Klink
Marian Thomas
Marieanne Genue
Mario Sgambelluri
Mariska Van Drooge
Mark Dorf
Mark Elderkin
Mark Evans
Mark Furlong
Mark Kecko
Mark Lipshaw
Mark Lopez
Mark Macquarrie
Mark Merritt
Mark Mirsky
Mark Moran
Mark Naples
Mark Peterson
Mark Rabe
Mark Walters
Mark Westlake
Mark Wilson
Mark Wolly
Markus Mullarkey
Marla Schimke
Marley Martinez-Angel
Martha Papalia
Martin Nisenholtz
Martindale Hubbel
Mary Ann Dolzani
Mary Ann Packo
Mary Bannon

Click here for Part 2 of the 2006 Madison Avenue Register.


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