April 13, 2010

Do "Social," Be@"Social," Register for "Social." Now!


Click on the above to launch the "Social" video.

By Wendy McHale, with lots of help from CK and Drew McLellan!

Good Morning Girls and Boys! Are you ready for your geography lesson?

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, East Coast, MidWest, West Coast, Down South, Up North, and some areas we've forgotten!

What do these have in common? They'll ALL be represented at Blogger-Social '08. Because it's a global affair...kind of like how all countries are represented at the United Nations (but CK and an esteemed group of bloggers come to decisions far more quickly. And they debate Web 2.0, not WMDs).


Folks, the world is changing....marketing has been turned on its head...the customer is now in control...Um, Yawn! Frig that noise. Cuz at THIS event...for one VERY special, highly social (!) weekend, we ain't gonna be talking any of that stuff.

Nope, Christina Kerley, (aka CK), Drew and fellow marketing bloggers are just getting together--just to be together and socialize--in one very cool, very rockin' city amid several great events. Guess what? You're invited!


It will be held in "meet-up" fashion on April 4th to the 6th in New York City. The core group includes the top 50 social media bloggers in the business. It's a virtual "who's who" of MadAve social media evangelists. They all want to socialize so this group of 50 has decided to fund and produce this event by themselves! And, if you're a marketing blogger, they would like you to come. You know who they are. Everyone from the co-authors of "The Age of Conversation" to the author of Join the Conversation, Joseph Jaffe!

Ck asks this question: In 10 years do you really think you'll remember all those speeches at all those conferences? Don't think so. But you'll remember social. (well, unless you have a bit too much of the bubbly!) So the only question is: why won't YOU be there? Cuz you'll be missed and you've plenty of time to calendar it.

How easy could they make it? All information on Blogger Social '08, including registration is available right here: Blogger-Social '08. Here's who has signed-up to be a Socialite thus far, in (first name) alphabetical order:
(NOTE: updates to that list expected. As in, many mo' a coming!)



Just click on the screen shot above and "Let us take you there." Please note: the deadline for all registrations is absolutely, positively February 15th, 2008. And if you want to see a collage of all who are attending just click on the graphic below to view it much larger.


For more information go to http://www.blogger-social.com/ and/or email me at wendy@madavejournal.com. See you there!


Thanks, CK and Drew!!

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