April 13, 2010

Hell Yeah, We Are The World!


Dear Paul and Tanya!

I'd say it's more of a gas!

Madison Avenue now in fact touches every single aspect of communication on the globe. Regardless of the reality, besides selling foods, products and services, which actually spreads the word of their availability and thus creates markets, which - big news - improves the lives of the 80% of the world who are not like us, fat and happy; MadAve (and Hollywood) project the idea (not the reality and all its warts) of democracy, which virtually every country in the world now compares itself to, or has to rationalize to a cynical world why its not more democratic. Even in places like Pakistan. Regardless of our stupid administration's posture there, democracy is a hope and dream of its people.

It's our "reach and frequency" that gives people hope - the constant drum of self interest - and the will to do something about it, versus totalitarianism which breaks people's spirits. I for one back away from the BS politics of agencies. In order to survive one has to take it with a grain of salt. The name of this group reflects just that attitude.

There is no other business that doesn't have the same thing going on. It comes when you put 3 or more people together.

MadAve is also techie so on a transmission standpoint, virtually all the hardware and software were purchased by someone or some company which gave the other company or person a profit. From there they took it to a new level. It was only when they commercialized the net that it actually became ubiquitous. Another news flash. People are willing to accept being sold sh*t to in the form of ads because it makes the cost of all media less, not free, but certainly less.

I am not one that buys into everything MadAve does. I've been in it on the traditional side and new media side enough to fill a days worth of MadAve clich├ęs that would make anyone want to throw up after an hour.

What I do know is that MadAve serves a necessary and often sticky, duplicitous role in ideas, commerce and politics. However, show me an industry that is more transparent than MadAve in its knowledge that it is often full of sh*t and I will show where that POV is incorrect.

Since we are talking about advertising and yes, this is an advertising platform as evidenced by the name of the group, the MadAve Journal www.madavejournal.com is actually all about using wit to call attention to how hysterical this business is, several years before Facebook took shape.

Finally, as a microcosm, you can sum up what MadAve is in one sentence. "I love you." Yes, sometimes it's for real, or at least the moment is. Then what does it become? Hmmm...Oh, yeah, the other comment is "Let's have lunch."

On that note, let's have lunch! Hell yeah, we're in advertising!


PS: I'll now get off my soap box, which is actually a platform that people used once to advertise...


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