April 13, 2010

Down Load E.T.!


If E.T. visited Earth today, it would most likely learn to speak English by listening to his young friend Elliot's iPod than from watching Sesame Street on TV. With all due respect to Kermit and Miss Piggy, most kids are learning all sorts of other things from their downloadable media devices than from TV. Why? People love their mobiles!


The good news for the next generation of consumers is that their mobile devices are not uploading and flying away. It's just the opposite. There's more content than ever before being downloaded. And there are several billion constellations-worth more coming to your mobile device soon!


So perhaps the timing of the recently established Association for Downloadable Media's (ADM) announcement of their election results for the 20 inaugural office seat positions, including the Executive Board, among others is on course, according to its flight plan.

There's no question that the team assembled is first-rate. They all have the right stuff. Susan Bratton and Chris MacDonald have organized a world=class team of pros who seem to have as much of a psychic connection with various mobile platforms as Elliot and E.T. did to each other.


Here's the team and the companies they represent who plan on navigating the mobile medium right on to your 2008 media schedule:

1. Chairman - Chris MacDonald, EVP Business Development and Operations Libsyn PRO Enterprise Platform and Founder of Indiefeed
2. Vice Chairman - Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media
3. Secretary - Matthew Snodgrass, VP Digital Marketing, Porter Novelli
4. Treasurer - Duncan Perry, COO, Podcast.com, Treedia.com


Advisory Board
5. CC Chapman, Podcaster and Partner, The Advance Guard
6. Jonathan Cobb, Founder and CTO, Kiptronic Inc.
7. John Furrier, Founder, Podtech
8. Rob Greenlee, Podcast Programming Lead, Microsoft Zune
9. John Havens, VP, Business Development, BlogTalkRadio
10. Risto Koski, Business Manager, Multimedia/Nokia Music, Nokia
11. Jim Louderback, CEO, Revision3
12. Mark McCrery, Founder and CEO, Podtrac
13. Elisabeth McLaury Lewin, Publisher, PodcastingNews.com
14. Kent Nichols, Principle, AskANinja.com
15. Tim Street, Principle, French Maid TV


16. Committee Chair: Advertising Standards - Brian McMahon, CEO, National Podcasting System
17. Committee Chair: Education & Outreach - Rob Walch, VP, President Podcast Relations, Wizzard Media
18. Committee Chair: Measurement - Angelo Mandato, CIO, Raw Voice
19. Committee Chair: Membership Committee - Bryan Moffett, Sponsorship Operations Manager, NPR Digital Media
20. Committee Chair: Terminology Standardization - David Rowley, VP Engineering, Kiptronic, Inc.


People don't need a trail of Reese's Pieces to lure them into stores to check out all the gadgets that support downloadable content. Why go to a store when you can have it come to you on your mobile screen? You can purchase the E.T. movie on your handheld today just as easily as you can get the podcasts, vodcasts, vidcasts, video podcasts, or vlogs and other audio/video digital content on your mobile that interests you.

The same goes for the millions of other people that inhabit this planet with you, who are are as interconnected with their mobile devices as you have been for years. For those few of you who are not, what are we talking about? Content that can be downloaded on portable media devices from the Internet on to your iPods, MP3 player, mobile device, P2P (Podcasts/ATOM/RSS media enclosures) and other upcoming platforms.

Downloadable content is not just going to be loaded to the PC or the iPod or the vPod. Phones are a natural. As phones get bigger and bigger hard drives, and bigger and bigger memory in the phone, the phone is a natural place for that too.

In fact they are doing it right now. People are downloading songs. People are downloading pieces of information, so it's happening in various vertical areas and it will become larger.


The ADM is focused on providing standards for advertising and audience measurement for episodic and downloadable media. It consists of individual podcasters, media companies, publishers, syndication companies and distributors offering downloadable media, advertising agencies, marketers, technology suppliers, hardware and software manufacturers of portable media products and services, market research firms and audience and advertising effectiveness measurement companies.

It's a volunteer membership with the goal of providing leadership in advertising and audience measurement standards, research, education and advocacy to all those involved in portable media.


According to Wikipedia, Steven Spielberg said that E.T. was "A friend who could be the brother I never had." The ADM team hopes to make a download a friend someone could have.


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