April 13, 2010

Google dot can


According to our search on Google, yesterday was the first time ever that "Google.can" as a statement was used on the Internet. If it was, it ain't on Google. What we mean is that if you type in "Google.can." you see lots of "Google can" and "Google can't" matches, but you don't see "can" used in the .com format.

We think the double entendre is cool. See, Google began on earth as a .com and it seems it "can" do anything. So by putting it together, you know, Google and .can, it means that... oh, forget it, if you have to explain it...


That's just the point. We're told it needed no explanation. Following our article titled, "Google.can See Me," we received a bunch of calls from important people who told us they loved it. They'd never seen it like that before. We were like, "Wow, you know, like flattered, that our team "thought it up." It hit us by complete accident, but that's a story for another time.


That said, our global PR agency recommended that we should tell Google, if they're listening, that they should hire us, since we just like, created their new branding campaign. The one they're going to need as part of their effort to win the wireless airwaves! Okay, Mom? We said it. Is there anything else you want us to do? We love you, too. Talk to you later. Ahem, as we were saying...


Here's something else that may need some explaining. There will soon come a day when a person hearing the term, "telephone pole," will automatically think, "telephone poll."

The world is about to become less wired. That's not to say our lives are about to slow down. It also doesn't we're all going to learn how to chill out. It means that the wireless telephone business is going to be taken out of yesterday's hands and into tomorrow's claws. As if you haven't heard yet, Google is about to spread its wings into the air of wireless and turn the telephone poles littering the nation's landscape into Osprey nests.


Hello?... It's for you!

"Our goal is to make sure that American consumers have more choices in an open and competitive wireless world," according to a Google spokesperson. That's why today they'll be applying to bid for wireless spectrum in a January Federal Communications Commission auction. But that's far from the limit of their wireless ambitions. If they want to run their own mobile network, we're on line to be the first to sign up!


No other company will benefit by dominating the wireless world more than Google. They will make a fortune if they win the bid to invest $$ billions into thin air!

According to one CEO of a major media agency (who we plan to do a 5-part series on later this month) he says, "Search on mobile is going to be huge. As people are moving around they have needs and their phone can be the device that helps them. Like with a data base such as their yellow pages. Say a person is looking for an Italian restaurant but is not exactly sure where it is. They type in "Italian restaurant." Since the mobile phone knows where they are - due to the GPS - it will then list all the Italian restaurants in the neighborhood nearby."


Why Is This Man Smiling?

According to Eric Savitz of Tech Trader Daily, "Speaking at a dinner in Santa Clara this week, AT&T (T) CEO Randall Stephenson says Ma Bell will be bidding in the auctions, and he hinted that they will be aggressive in their approach. "It is beach front property," he said. "It doesn't get any better than this."

The Sprint's, the Verizon's, T-Mobile's must have a line down. The amount they are going to have pony up to win the bid against Google is almost unfathomable. According to the Wall Street Journal, "If Google wins a wireless license, they'll be in a position to become a provider of mobile phone and Internet services, to partner with others interested in doing so or to lease the spectrum to them."


Google's Cleaning Up!

People on "the street" are claiming that Google risks hurting its core business by turning its attention away to other non-related businesses. Ordinarily, we would agree, however they've proven themselves one of the most ably run businesses in the world. For example, this week when they announced that they'd cleaned up all the malware-serving domains, it sounded as if it was no big deal. Meanwhile as of yesterday according to several sources, Yahoo was still crawling with them.


Google believes it can do anything. They're already the world's most powerful interactive media company, even though they don't publish anything. They're on their way to becoming the world's largest ad agency. They want to be the nation's largest mobile carrier and are intent on becoming the world's most efficient energy provider.

What's next? Financial services, automobiles, soda pop company? "Can I have a Diet Goog with lemon?" If anyone can do it, Google.can.


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