April 13, 2010

Joe Cool's ad:tech Score Card


We met up with Snoopy & Woodstock for drinks yesterday afternoon at ad:tech. Together, they bird-dogged about 292 exhibitors over the 4-day event!

As usual, Woodstock winged it and did the obligatory fly-by over all the booths. Not Snoopy though. He's an exhibitor's best friend. Once he put his shades on, he became the coolest cat at the show.

He became "the" one and only, Joe Cool. Snoop pitter-pattered up and down the numerous maize-like aisles with his own special brand of panache and wagged his tail for every exhibitor who threw him a bone.


Mr. Cool, or to his friends, "JC", fetched no small amount of collateral. He gave the show an A-, the highest grade he's ever awarded it. He barked excitedly about number of new types of companies at the Hilton.

Right in front of the entourage following him around wherever he went, he whipped out his Blackberry in front of his fans and pawed off the spreadsheet below. Just like that! He narrowed the product/service types into roughly 16 categories. It made us wonder. If "JC" was running the show at the Fed instead of "BB", would Wall Street right now be in the dog house it's in? JC responded, "That's another bull-dog session altogether."


With so many new companies exhibiting, he thought some of the names were quite amusing and had everyone in stitches when, tongue-in-snout, he regaled off what he thought they really meant!


What a cool way it was to impress a particularly cute puppy he had his eye in between the sessions! Here were some flirt-lines he marked down in his Score Card for when they might meet outside by the curb:

AdJog: Is that the next Nike campaign?

Adjustables: The new Ethan Allen Recliner line?

Azoogle: Google search for the animal kingdom?

Ballihoo: Let the "Fox" hunt begin?

BigMouthMedia: A Don Rickles company?

Blogvertise: Social media hypnosis

Clash Media: The shareef don't like it, Rockin the ROI?

Fetchback; Okay people, throw me your bone!

MeMedia: A Donald Trump company?

Oddcast: That's an odd duck!

PlanetOnline; Yep, it's way out there!

Rextopia: Jurassic Park Heaven?

Silver Carrot: Makes a sterling salad!

The Blind Network: "Lead-ing the...?"

UnReal Marketing: It's like, totally unreal!

However, the name Snoopy liked the most was Joe Bucks! He wondered aloud, "Joe Bucks? How about a canine-powered product line called Joe Cool?" Someone thought they saw him text-message the idea over to his good friend and equally cool dude, Jason Calacanis, for a new project once he gets human powered Mahalo off the ground.


At the end of the day, Woodstock and Snoopy were pretty much pooped out. They both agreed that ad:tech had a great show. That suited Joe Cool just fine. Although he did inform us right before he took off his shades that at the next ad:tech he's not going to let so many people jerk his chain. He plans to spend less time snooping up and down the exhibition floors.

Instead, he intends to hang out more in the hospitality suites and check out some of the high-tech talent at the bar!


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