April 13, 2010

One Media Buy Is Never Enough.


By Wendy McHale, Publisher

I expect that you'd agree with my headline!

The same might be said about Johnny Depp. In the film, CHOCOLAT', he could never get enough of Vianne, the character played by Juliette Binoche. The film and their performance were nominated for 5 academy awards in 2000, including Best Picture!

In CHOCOLAT' (pronounced shoCKkola-'t,) It wasn't just Roux, the character played by Depp who came around for more. It was the townspeople within the small French village that Vianne adopted as her own. Through the magic of chocolate she began to blend her special gift with that famous Binoche-style exuberance. It helped them discover a new sense of excitement and love that had laid dormant inside. She was able to - as they say in French - help them rediscover their "joie de vivre"!


Does your client feel that way about you? Can they never get enough? Or is the case that you can never get enough of their delicious media $$ budgets?

Now is the time for you to come back to those special people in your life with your exuberance and "joie de vivre" and thank them for their support. And what a better way to make them feel like Johnny or Juliette than with a gift so unique to the media business.

You'll find the magic you're looking for in "DISCOVER CHOCOLATE, The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Tasting, and Enjoying Fine Chocolates". It's the ultimate guide toward getting your client buying, sponsoring and optimizing your property; a 5-star recipe for Media Sales Reps to reach a media buyer's heart.

DISCOVER CHOCOLATE is a new book just published from Gotham Books by chocolate critic, Clay Gordon!

There's nothing quite like chocolate. Long known for the passion it inspires, Clay touches on many things, like the difference between tasting chocolate and eating chocolate. And all the unique chocolate flavors which come dozens of countries around the world.


We found a number of other yummy fun facts. For instance, that chocolate contains a number of special qualities your client will find irresistible:

1. Serotonin to give them a "feel good" feeling
2. Endorphins to give them a "feel even better" feeling, and
3. Antioxidants to give them a "feel great all over" feeling!

There's no better way to help your client get enough of you this holiday season than with this scrumptious book. Make it a gift for your current clients, or a way to express your exuberance to potential clients, all for less than the "politically correct" $25 bucks many companies allow their employees to accept.

Actually, the only thing that might surpass the DISCOVER CHOCOLATE book is to have Clay hold a wine & chocolate tasting for you and your company. Clay's reputation precedes him all over Mad Ave, as he's turned-on people's imagination and taste buds for the best things in life for years. It's really quite simple. He begins with a little wine and chocolate which sparks everyone's laughter and delight to make it a great evening worthy of Louis IV and Marie Antoinette!


His chocolate tasting's are legendary over at Yahoo, DoubleClick, Accenture and AKA Hotels or at companies such as ING, and Gruner+Jahr. Clay has spoken about chocolate with everyone from entry-level media buyers and junior sales people to CEO's at major media companies. Even celebrities such as Oprah; who hosted Clay not too long ago to discuss the world's most expensive chocolate. Academically, schools like Barnard, Brooklyn Law and NYU have asked him to lecture on the attributes of chocolate, something so near and dear to us and yet unknown for its magical health and social powers!

Nine out of every ten persons says they love chocolate. The tenth one lies, this from Jean Antheime Brillat-Savarin.

In our age of media commodities, there's only one recognized world-class chocolate critic, Clay. His expertise goes far beyond knowing everything about Casanova's secret formula for romance! The legendary 18th century stud-muffin ate chocolate before going out for the evening... and as they say, the "rest" was history :--)

In preparation for the holiday media giving frenzy, the MadAve Journal will be covering this and a number of other priceless "thank-you" gifts for those special business relationships that make working a more personal and meaningful experience. DISCOVER CHOCOLATE lists for $25.00 per copy. Of course like any MadAve player, Clay does give quantity/frequency discounts!

Accenture, LLP's East Coast Meeting & Event Management, Nina Kauder, recently said this about Clay's company events:

People can be adventurous and let Clay decide and choose those chocoalates go with which wines (like a sushi chef) or they can choose the chocolate equivalent of a California roll. [His wine and chocolate events] are wildly popular with the guests. Our last SE host shared that the basic response of the guests to Clay's presence there was "wow." This is something that very few people have ever seen before and pretty much everybody had a lot of fun coming up with their favorite concoctions.

In the film Chocolat we learned that Juliette Binoche's character imported cocoa beans from exotic places all over the world in order to make her truffles and ganaches both sweet and bittersweet. You don't have to. Clay will bring signed copies to you personally if you would like and schedule a tasting for you, your company, friends and family!


Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche were, as always, excellent in Chocolat. Clay gives an equally amazing performance in his book and in person.

Go buy DISCOVER CHOCOLATE this season and rediscover how excellent the relationship between you and your client can be. Tell'em Juliette and Johnny sent you!

Click on to Chocophile.com Clay's site and pre-order DISCOVER CHOCOLATE, The Ultimate Guide to Buying, Tasting, and Enjoying Fine Chocolates before it officially goes on sale on October 18th! Use coupon code "Vianne" to let him know who sent you!

For more information you can contact Clay directly at Clay Gordon


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