April 13, 2010

I'm McLovin It!


The EyeWonder Film Festival proudly presents Sony Pictures' production of Superbad.

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One of the funniest pictures of 2007, if not the teen-buddy genre, SuperBad portrays the next generation with a refreshing twist; that teen behavior, sense of humor and desire to "Come Get Some" are timeless.


Two high school best friends forever go on a mission to provide alcohol for a graduation party in hopes of losing their virginity.

After facing the fact that both will be going to different colleges next year, it seems more important than ever that they go to a high school party and achieve some of their long time goals; including, but not limited to, losing their virginity with the girl of their dreams by getting them wasted and being their "regret hookup."

superbad 3.jpg

Their awkward friend Fogell gets a fake ID, with just the name McLovin [it was either that or Mohammed], and agrees to get liquor to bring to Jules' aka Seth's dream girl's graduation party.

All seems to be going well until McLovin is sucker-punched in the liquor store by a robber. When the police come, they try to get a story out of the clerk, but she is too worried about her exam tomorrow, so they question McLovin, which they give offer to give a ride home [more hilarity ensues].

All in all the boys almost / briefly get laid, and learn that it's just better to man up and confront the girl than try to / count on her getting wasted if you like her.


EyeWonder Unit

A small expandable unit morphs into a full blown landing page with that features a variety of interactive elements:

1. Cast appearances
2. McLovin merchandise
3. Promotions for a private screening at the Playboy mansion.
4. Zip code field to find nearby movie locations

The official site, aptly titled, www.AreYouSuperBad.com includes downloads such as wall paper, screensavers, widgets and mobile ring tones. Those over 18 can enter the "restricted area" where more raunchiness awaits.

The EyeWonder unit and SuperBad's site provide a hysterical, seamless experience that makes you want to click on the Rich Media unit over and over again.


Movie Review

SuperBad is a teen movie. It also will draw comparisons to American Pie, in its "losers try to get laid" themes, and occasional gross-out comedy. But the comparison is unfair - SuperBad is a funnier, more subversive and more importantly genuine movie than American Pie or any of it's awful sequels were.

The three central characters have a believable, likable relationship that the film takes time to establish. Cera, Hill (who deserves special praise, for turning what could have been a really unlikable character into a sweet, if loud-mouthed and crass, teenager) and Mintz-Plasse bounce of each other perfectly.

The movie creates some funny situations, and more importantly, hilarious dialogue throughout. Aside from one comedic misfire - an overly long (and poorly judged) gross out sight gag involving a pair of trousers and a dance - SuperBad had me laughing constantly. It's sweet, it's funny as hell, and it's established a load of new talent.


Click on to Superbad and buy it now! Or better yet, ping us your Email us and possibly win the DVD, courtesy of EyeWonder.


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