April 13, 2010

MAD's S.O.B.'s and Sobs



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The days of September are getting shorter and the MAD MEN episodes are getting darker. MAD MEN may soon become too damaging to watch! Check out the preview for tonight's EPISODE #9. Are we really as cruel as all that?




Mind you, this won't stop us one bit. In no way does it turn us off to this show. Rather it gives us a chilly feeling that ripples through our body. It's starting to scare us a little. Like a horror flick, only worse. There's just so much vice around. And Nixon too. What else is going to fall from the sky? Sputnik?


People are starting to lose it. As you know, we make light of contemporary culture though we take the business of Madison Avenue quite seriously. MAD MEN has become biting. Everyone seems like they're hung-over from their various power trips. Here's Culture Editor Kurt Brokaw's view from the last few episodes and what they mean:

Both "Mad Man" creative director Don Draper and his boss are heavy, daily drinkers. Millions of people are, and they're not alcoholics. But Roger Sterling appears to be on a very slippery slope toward alcoholism, because his making-a-move on Don's wife in her kitchen is a sure sign that his drinking is becoming unmanageable. Don, in an earlier episode, after a long day of drinking through his daughter's birthday party, is sent out to pick up a birthday cake but instead brings back a large dog as a gift. Don is becoming what is called a 'problem drinker'; he's still on top of his job but his home life, marriage and extramarital affairs are starting to collapse around him. Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick demonstrate this most forcefully in "Days of Wine and Roses."

Oh, did we mention that Jack's character works at a Mad Ave agency?



That's entertainment! Is it a surprise then to find that Kurt created a break-through series which explores how alcohol and alcoholism is portrayed in American film? Bring your own popcorn. It begins next month and will feature screenings and discussions of the rarest and classic feature films on drinking and drinkers. Click on LOST WEEKENDS: ALCOHOLISM IN THE MOVIES to view all the details you'll need to register.



MAD MEN is no longer just dealing with outlandish egos and glorified suits. They're showing us characters and flaws that we see in ourselves and our fellow workers, shamelessly exposed for all to see like a :30 TV ad. The program has had such an amazing impact on our culture, though it's not clear yet if MAD MEN will have a positive or negative effect on whether college grads choose Madison Avenue as a career. What do you think? LOL!!!!

All we know is that it's so darn sad and pathetic that we can't wait to run home from our MAD MEN plot Petri dish-agencies to get another (product) shot tonight!


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