April 13, 2010

Bring Some Tissues...


The EyeWonder Film Festival proudly presents Focus Film's production of Evening.

Focus Film and Director Lajos Koltai set out to make a beautiful film about timeless romance as it's understood and shared between mothers and daughters.


A truly extraordinary cast of actresses breathes life into Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Cunningham's adaptation of the beloved best-selling novel: a timeless, universal and deeply emotional story about the secrets we share, the risks we take, the choices we make and the defining moments of connection between mothers and daughters, family and friends, and the loves of our lives. The film stars Claire Danes, Vanessa Redgrave, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep and Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer among others, who plays a younger version of her Mom.


Overcome by the power of memory, Ann Lord reveals a long-held secret to her concerned daughters; Constance, a content wife and mother, and Nina, a restless single woman. Both are bedside when Ann calls out for the man she loved more than any other. But who is this man she calls out for named, "Harris?"


While Constance and Nina try to take stock of their mom's life and their own, their mother is tended to by a night nurse as she journeys in her mind back to a summer weekend some fifty years before, when she was Ann Grant, a young woman who has come from New York City to be maid of honor at the high-society Newport wedding of her dearest friend from college, Lila Wittenborn.

The bride-to-be is jittery, and turns to her maid of honor rather than her own mother for support. Ann stays close to her friend, yet is even closer to Lila's irrepressible brother Buddy. Unexpected feelings surge forth once Ann meets wedding guest Harris Arden, a lifelong friend and intimate of the Wittenborn family. Ann's love for Harris will change her life, and those of her daughters, forever.


The EyeWonder Unit

The EyeWonder unit captures the complex yet soft look and feel of the film. It has a banner and a trailer that expands and stretches in and out without missing a heartbeat. It's the first expandable trailer screen we've ever seen which expands/stretches back and forth depending on how the user prefers to see it, "as" it is playing. Focus Film created an amazing site which really captures the compelling storyline with virtually every application.

Here's a partial list of all the functions and content included in their site:
1. E-Cards
2. Additional video
3. Photos
4. Pulldowns on the Filmmakers, producers etc...
5. Cast and Crew
6. A "Share your secret" contest @ www.ivillage.com/evening

evening 1.jpg


"Evening stays with you at length, inviting a re-thinking of its story and characters, and re-experiencing the emotions it raises. It says with you long after you leave the theater."


Other reviews from IMDB.com go into much more detail and illuminate the risks of telling such a complex story. For me, it was mesmerizing. I was entranced by the mystery; it was not clear, for a long time, whether the past that was being presented was real, a dream, or a combination of both. The movie was beautifully shot; its movement was fluid and steady, and it moved between the present and the past unapologetically, without the device of the dissolve-to-flashback.

Everyone in this film seemed to have a sense of the beauty that was being portrayed. This is a film which conveys what most movies cannot manage, because they strive too hard to "tie things up" as so many people seem to want them to do: that life goes on, that it is not a plot, but a continuum that passes from person to person and generation to generation.

The people in the film come from a past and go on to a future, and the film stops for a few moments in their lives and tells so much about them, where they've been, and where they're going. This film is not about just a family, or a woman dying, or a wedding. It's about life itself.


Evening's Director, Lajos Koltai is from Budapest, Hungary and has gained International attention for his filmmaking, first as a Cinematographer and now as a Director.

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