April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Draft's "second life" in Paris

second life
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Some French might argue that Americans need to get a "first life" before Yankees can even begin to think about a second one. So then, who would be more equipped to parody Second Life in this spot than the Paris office of DraftFCB! In the quest to show how they know as much about romance as something about Second Life, did DraftFCB Paris make a much larger statement than they may have even intended?

No doubt you have already seen it, but for the 2 or 3 people left on Madison Avenue who haven't, it begins with people acting as "real-life?" Avatars, going about their daily work routine in robot-like fashion, except that a screw or two must have loosened which crashed the agency's group-think server. The efficiency we all expect from modern technology has gone arie. Everyone's mental programming hit some speed bump and in so doing turned Draft's day into a bumper car-ride experience. See the staff as they bump into walls, hallways, lobbies and among other things, each other.

Some cynicists might say this is a day in a life in the 21st century advertising business. However, everyone should agree that it's hilarious! Draft Paris pokes fun at Second Life in the most complimentary way. They imitate it.

In the age of lead-painted Ken and Barbie, one bizarre way to look use this spot (or something like it, only much darker) might be for John Edwards or Rudy or another political candidate to use it to make a statement about their opponent's trade policy, such as how the Barack and Hillary camps used the Apple 1984 spot against each other.

Another might be for the University of Phoenix to use it to show how progressive and modern their college philosophy courses are by adding DraftFCB to the long line of tragic existential poets students can study. "Philosophy 101: This class reviews the work of Kierkegaard, Turgener, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Hesse, Heidegger, Marcel, Jaspers, Kafka, Gide, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, de Beauvoir, Rieocer, Berdygev, Buber, Tillich, Pinter, Beckett, Mailer, Laing, Bellon Bach, Weiss, Muller and DraftFCB's view on the meaning of life. 3 credits."

Or perhaps a 3rd adaptation, which was most likely its real purpose, to illustrate how sophisticated DraftFCB is when it comes to understanding state of the media environments such as "Second Life" by knocking it in an unsophisticated way.

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