April 13, 2010

Every Click You Take


The EyeWonder Music Festival proudly presents Universal Music's production of The Definitive Police Collection.

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By Wendy McHale

Picture you're a sweet 16 year-old girl in 1984 when the Police's "Every Breath You Take" owned the airwaves. It's hard to describe the effect Sting's ballad had on you. Anyone could see at the time that it evoked a hypnotizing effect, but you would only admit it to yourself. It helped you imagine what an endless love could be. The perfect relationship. A love so strong it hurt!


Please click on the EyeWonder unit.

Only later would you learn that it came true. Love did hurt, but not necessarily the way you had imagined :--) Life went on. You grew up... and then recently, out of nowhere "Every breath you take" took center stage in your life again. It took control of your imagination, only this time it came from a rich media campaign.

But times had changed. Now as a marketer, you had to wonder how a brand like "The Police" - once so universally known/respected/loved - could have the same impact without being taken down a notch due to the cynicism that erupts when modern-day advertising corrupts.

And if by some illusive chance the effort didn't subtract from the band's artistic integrity/equity, was it possible that the promotion could actually enhance the brand's zenith?


Special Ops Media, Universal Media and EyeWonder produced a campaign detailed HERE which included:

1. Eight (8) full-length greatest hits videos in their own in-banner jukebox
2. Tour schedule link
3. Contest entry
4. Ringtones &
5. A "send to a friend" function.
6. Then of course there were myriad elements in the site

Results? Universal and Special Ops Media could not have been more pleased:
1. Total interaction rates averaged around 25%
2. Unique rates averaged just under 10%
3. Time spent ranged from an average of 20 seconds all the way to over 30 seconds
4. Needless to say, the campaign was well received by fans and industry players.


Now coming back to the question, is it possible to run music promotion advertising without "cynicizing"? Here's our take. Only if you create a 360-degree campaign that lets go of the brand... and puts the air guitar into the consumer's hands. Kind of like Sting's song from his later work, tugging at the heart of the 16 year-old in each of us.

If you love somebody, set them free,
Free, free, set them free!


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