April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: The Toothpaste Ad Effect

Toothpaste ads have used the promise of healthier teeth, gums, breathe, smile and social life as hooks to sell "You Tubes!"

Here's a YouTube spot which takes the art of kissability to an atmospheric level. It looks like the positive effect toothpaste might have on your life through with "new and improved" technology.

The video has a mesmerizzzzzing techno back-beat along with great MTV-video computer graphics that show crystals coming out of the mouths of people. Picture the flowing crystals as a toothpaste's new and improved DNA compound-formula and suddenly you see just how connective your breathe is to both the atmosphere and to attracting attractive people around you.

Taken to the extreme, it could make the scientific case that ones breath could have the same impact as the "Butterfly Effect." Otherwise known as Lorenz "Strange Attractor" chaos theory, the "BFE" suggests that the flapping of a butterfly's wings can create tiny changes in the atmosphere, which could over time cause a tornado to occur.


Did the creators of fluxis name their UGC video to be a BFE wings-worth away from toothpaste sales attractors such as flos and floride? Should Colgate or Crest's eyes be fluttering? Brush and see.

Is it commercial worthy? You decide.

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