April 13, 2010

Mad Men's Backbones & Other Pols


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'New York, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Chicago, O Little Town of Bethlehem...

By Culture Editor, Kurt Brokaw

Will someone please give Don Draper his walking papers and appoint the 26-year-old junior AE as interim creative director for his "backbone" concept?


Well, at least the Chairman wouldn't let top management fire the kid, since the parents are the link line to Buckley, Deke and a whole laundry list of blue blood institutions.


No reason to review this episode, since most of it is sliding into the slush of various lives. I was waiting for the creepy kid of the divorcee down the block to make a move on Don's wife -- maybe invite her to take a bath with him, like the 10-year-old boy who falls in love with Nicole Kidman in the movie "Birth" does. Not yet. He just snuggles into her embrace.

This is such a terrible show.


Saving Pete's But...

By Alice-in-wwwLand

Mad Men is right at home in wonderland! If you were cradled up to the TV as I was, watching it with friends, Maddy Hatter and March Hairy over tea, you no doubt were as mesmerized as the Caterpillar; who incidentally didn't touch his hookah throughout the whole program. He didn't have to.


Our favorite scene was when Draper and Sterling did a back flip on their marching orders and used a knife to tear Pete a new one. Heck, advertising is all about influencing people to act in your favor, so last night's scene is an illustration of an ad agency at work! The accomplished that with Pete. Doing what it seems they do best, blowing smoke up people's butts.

Meanwhile the cues which lead us in the direction of the program's writers are so Cheshire-catty. Perhaps that's intentional. See below:


Here are a few oyster-sized Meow-Mix tidbits for your imagination that we picked up and no doubt you did as well, which will give us all an endorphin rush when we guess how the story unfolds correctly:
1. The lock of hair - The Hookah
2. Harry, Rachel Menken's new boyfriend - Humpty Dumpty
3. Kennedy/Nixon (prior reference) - Tweedledom/Tweedledee
4. Pete - Our favorite, the While Rabbit

I'm curiouser and curiouser!


The Walrus Family:

AMCTV.com has put together what they call "Real life titans of the advertising industry such as George Lois and others to explain what it was like to work during the 60's creative revolution on Madison Avenue."

Click here to see feedback from them which are featured on the AMCTV.com site.

Straight ahead, Episode 5!


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