April 13, 2010

Downloading For $Gold$


They initially came by the thousands, from near and far, every part of the globe. You name it. They were driven by a new and exciting way to achieve freedom and mobility. Whatever the obstacles were, however exhausting, they knew it was worth it. After all, they were creating and populating a whole new landscape. They called themselves evangelists in search of the Promised Land. It was the grandest of scenes... and schemes. It was insane.


It was the gold rush. The one in 1849 and the one in 1999.

A lot of things have changed since those frenetic wicked and wild west-like days, Digging for gold is now a solid business. So is mobile media. Yet for all the differences between the '49er's and the '99er's and today; for as much as things have changed, the more they remain the same. The momentum behind digging for gold is being discovered in New York and San Francisco!

As evidenced by the announcement today of the formation of "Association for Downloadable Media" (ADM), it now seems clear that 21st century prospectors such as Apple Inc., BlogTalkRadio, Kiptronic, Wizzard Media/LibSyn, NPR, Nielsen Online, Personal Life Media, Inc., Podbridge, PodTech, PodShow, Podtrac, Porter Novelli, Rev3 and Vogele & Associates agree that...

"there's gold in them-thar downloads"!


The goal of the ADM is to develop standardization of audience measurement and advertising for downloadable media. It will focus primarily on podcasting, downloadable media and portable content monetized by advertising and sponsorship. It hopes to create a landscape that facilitates the commercialization of this audience.


The purview of the ADM includes revenue generation from advertising and sponsorships of podcasts, vodcasts (aka vidcasts, video podcasts, or vlogs), and other audio/video digital content distributed via RSS, ATOM, peer-to-peer, mobile devices, downloads from Web sites and other platforms to come.


Co-founder and CEO of eMarketer, Inc., Geoff Ramsey gives his golden seal of approval and rationale for this rush "downward" :--) According to the ADM, Geoff states, "Podcast advertising is a burgeoning medium for marketers. Spending on podcasting advertising will quintuple over the next five years, from an $80 million market in 2006 to $400 million in 2011".


The ADM will support publishers, producers, advertisers, agencies, vendors, research/measurement companies, as well as hardware and software manufacturers who are involved with the production or distribution of downloadable media. Podcasts now offer a new gold standard and a growing opportunity for these parties, and the ADM supports the momentum of this channel through the collective mindshare of its members.


For example, Apple has sold over 100 million iPods and that more than 300 million copies of iTunes have been installed. And according to an Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia 2007 study, the number of people in the U.S. who have listened to a podcast has grown to 13% in 2007.

Five initial committees will be formed immediately to address: advertising standards, measurement, outreach/education, terminology and membership. Membership application is now open on the ADM Web site at its website, Downloadablemedia.org. Nominations for the executive seats, advisory board and committee chairs will take place this summer. Paraphrasing Horatio Greeley’s famous quote, the ADM suggests Madison Avenue to, "Go [download], young [person]"!!

The Gold Rush contributed to the ideals of rugged individualism, the American Dream and ultimately morphed into "California Dreamin".


On a cold, clear morning of January 24, 1848 a homesteader names James Marshall found a few tiny gold nuggets as he was building a saw mill. From there, the excitement mobilized a half-million people from around the world to descend upon California in search of improving the quality of their lives.

Formation of the ADM takes that same sense of freedom to the "mobile age" we live in today. It stakes the increased importance of downloads and hopes to strengthen the freedom of content mobility as a new gold standard for individuals and advertisers like nothing ever has before.


For more information about heading west, contact Susan Bratton at PersonalLifeMedia.

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