April 13, 2010

Q4'07 Media RFP


TO: BCC Media Vendor List

FROM: The "Global Full-Service, Mega-Clout, Media All-Galaxy Team Winner Marketing Holdings Company, Specializing In Personalized Solutions And Real Partnerships To Its Clients and Media Vendors" Agency.

RE: Q4'07 Media Request For Proposal

DATE: July 9, 2007

CC: Clint F. Hell

This provides a request for proposal (RFP) which invites your company to submit a media program to help the client determine the most effective media properties it should use during its 2007 holiday sales Season.

This will be your only opportunity to be considered for the plan, so please put your best proposal forth at this time. There will be no exceptions.

Internally we have creatively named our strategy "Stun, Paralyze and Terminate W-E-P" approach which we have believe will work best to move the brand's objectives forward this holiday season.

We have intentionally not included any specific information relating to target audience, purchase cycle, brand category, media mix, budget, strategy, value-added or reach and frequency goals.

In essence, it is being left up to your media property to figure out (or guesstimate) the brand's intentions, since giving you any information might fall into category competitor/enemy hands, regardless of the fact that your CEO, chairman and each member of your board signed our NDA, prepared beforehand by the U.S. Justice department.


Therefore, please provide all proposals which you believe are relevant in a small Tiffany blue bag. Those media properties which also include a small wrapped, nicely white-bowed box with a pouch inside may receive (though no promises) special value-add based consideration.

The 178 media properties being invited to submit are BCC'd in order to reflect the agency's belief that personalizing each would send the wrong signal to the media community. It could create a dangerous precedent which might lead media reps to begin thinking that they are an important part of the media plan process.


The 2007 "short list" has been developed so that the agency is aware of all recent developments and on-going trends which may be relevant to the brand's objectives. However, given the stagnant nature of the marketplace at this point, we highly doubt it. As an FYI, the thinking right now is to reduce the 178 media "consideration set" and use the same 3 selected in 2006, though at this moment we're keeping our minds open.

Criteria developed are as follows;


1. Unseen and "Uncontaminated": Media vehicle must be so edgy that nobody knows about it, yet have staying power and reliability for short and/or long-term (4 weeks or less) media "investment."


2a. Branded Entertainment:


2b. The agency verification process will require all media vendors to supply "reddened & dried" branding irons used on all entertainment entities.


3. Diversified Audience Content - Must include words spelled like "favourite", and "colour", or hangover.


4. 720 degree and purchase funnel-tested clout - to insure deep in-store distribution, to the point of overstocking. The goal is to insure chain store buyers will purchase all 14.4 brand SKU's and position them at eye level for adults, kids and basketball players.


5. Usability - Must be able to accept media-whiz-banger(TM) technology that spins product demo every which way and actually creates trial as consumers view their screens and print personalized coupons without any consumer-required data.


6. Backend Referral Value Add - Self explanatory


7. Must stretch experiential boundaries to new levels of imagination; that instantly create consumer awareness, education, intent to buy and facilitate users to get up from computer, get into car and go to the store to buy one immediately, even if they don't own a car, or if the product is not yet available at retail.


8 Media must continue to morph itself - into continuity-based iconoclastic designs that maintain brand recognition, loyalty, & affinity; that also bond connections to users and which adhere to account planning focus-group-desired "takeaways."


9. Must Be "Heavy" Yet Be Able To "Breathe"


10. Must cost-efficiently reach, retain, re-sell, up-sell, cross-sell, have life-time value...(no, make that "post-lifetime reincarnation value") accompanied with search capabilities that extend into every nook and cranny into the consumer, their relatives and their relatives' relatives. etc...


Proposals must be submitted between 9/1 and 9/3, Labor Day weekend. Any and all questions relating to this RFP will decrease the media vendor’s chance of consideration.


The agency will be scheduling week-long "Media Days" as a 2nd round plan process. Those media properties who send the Tiffany-bagged proposals to the agency ASAP will be added to the list of properties invited to present in person.

Meeting presentations will be scheduled from 12noon-3:00PM and 5:30PM-closing at Spice Market restaurant, which has been selected due to its central location. Bring your platinum AMEX card.

Hopefully you can get a sense of the excitement and creativity we are bringing to the brand media solution in 2007.

Thank you.

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