April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Slip Sliding Away

Redneck water slide
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Slip and slide

Amusement parks and summer go hand-in-hand. This clip shows what can happen when people take matters into their own hands to create some backyard action. The person on the ATV is pulling young riders who are holding on to a waterski rope. Besides the obvious danger and stupidity involved, I think it makes a case for taking the family to a park where you can have fun and be safe.

Imagine an ad for Six Flags or Busch Gardens. The Ad opens with "You could try to make your own water park". That fades into this clip with people being pulled along the tarp. "Or, you could come to our water park and enjoy the day at reduced family rates".

The cut would jump to video of the water park with action shots of kids coming down the slides and generally having fun. Picnic areas would be shown with lots of food and plenty of supervision. There are pleny of other backyard hijinks out there to make this a series with a good lifespan.

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