April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Sketcher-Generated Content

LeBron Etch-A-Sketch
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Etch A Sketch

Smart marketers are finding ways to keep the pulse of social media. One major benefit of doing this is finding timely, user-generated content that benefits the brand. Take this clip for example. A young Cleveland artist, inspired by the Cavaliers trip to the NBA Finals, created a portrait of LeBron James on an Etch-A-Sketch.

The artist definitely has talent, but the scenario has limited shelf life. If Etch-A-Sketch found this clip and could get it into production quick enough it would be extremely relevant to the target audience and to their product. Imagine what this campaign could evolve into. You could do similar sketches at the Oscars, World Series, World Cup, etc. Etch-A-Sketch has always been about enabling creativity and this is a great real-world example.

Truth is, the organizations above could easily stage an "art in competition" competition for "sketchers" at events. Then let viewers vote for the best player, team, field sketch. Talk about "etcher-generated content". Once viewers vote, the winner gets their art turned into a T-shirt like Threadless does. No doubt they'd sell at premium prices and more importantly, bring a little individuality and word-of-mouth to the world of sports-logo clothing, which so often is completely bland that one sometimes barely notice the team affiliations.

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