April 13, 2010

Commercial Worthy: Diet Coke's Edge

Coke Balancing Act
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Sometimes the most simple ideas have the most impact. Take this video for example.

There is probably no ad category more "un-successful" in giving its brands personality than the beverage business. Big budgets don't mean nothin! Consumers' ad anti-bodies are essentially immune to the idea that some whiz-bang video hieroglyphic is going to make them enjoy one caramel-colored over-caffeinated fizzy water over the other, no matter how much is spent to do so. People drink what they like, or what's available at the time.

This one reminds us of the old "uncola" spot in its cute simplicity.

The video's narrator takes you step-by-step through the process of pulling off a cool little trick to impress your friends. In the video the person drinks about half of the can of Diet Coke and shows how to balance the can on edge. It keeps you glued to see how it's done. And get this, at the end of this :44 second spot, it makes you smile. Imagine pulling back the camera and seeing a room full of people at a party having a great time with each having their can on edge nearby. The voiceover then says, "Some party's just have an edge over others".

Diet Coke is already in the video, but any cola or beer maker could be substituted pretty easily. This has the feel of the Mentos + Diet Coke phenomenon for me. I could see this spread very quickly via online. Coke missed capitalizing on the Mentos videos. Will they miss out on this as well?

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